Co-Create is a group coaching program for the woman with spiritual gifts that she would like help in unleashing in a supportive loving environment of soul sisters on a similar path.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • An examination of the spiritual gifts you have suppressed and learning how to unleash those
  • Past life regression healing sessions
  • How to see auras, keep your own aura clean
  • Examination of birth chart and how it can help you determine your soul’s path
  • Intuition strengthening exercises
  • Private Facebook group of women also on a spiritual journey who will cheer you on as you unleash your gifts

To sign up send your payment of $888 or your first payment of $475 to this link.

Check out what my students of Co-Create are saying!

What being a member of the Co-Create group has meant to me is hard to put into words. All my life I have felt as an outsider, like the person always looking in the window because she felt like she doesn’t belong. When we started this group, I felt immediately at home. We all come from different places but felt as if we knew each other all our lives. The love and support from this group has felt as if we were meant to find each other, and right away, we knew we were. This is meant to be, our home, our soul tribe. The thing that we learned from Julie, and each other, has boosted our energies beyond our expectations. The bonds and connections we have built with Julie and each other are for a lifetime!” 

Courtney Helsel

Co-create has been the most wonderful experience and I am truly grateful for all of you!!! I have healed from divorce, found my soul’s path, am starting a new business and have met ladies who will be soul sisters and friends for the rest of my life!! The love and support in this group is indescribable. We have cried together, laughed together and most of all found healing within ourselves together. I am so grateful and blessed to have been a part of this and I know this was the part of my soul’s journey and path that was missing until now!!”

Becky Werner

Signing up for Julie’s “Co-Create” class was one of the BEST decisions of my life and those wonderful decisions continued with the Money Intensive, Reiki (1, 2 & Master) AND now the “Co-Create Mastermind” class. I do not believe in coincidences…I ONLY believe in synchronicities and I am SO grateful that I listened to my inner guidance pulling me to work with you in all of these wonderful ways! My life is changing in extraordinary ways. Not only did I TRULY find my Soul Tribe in Co-Create with my beautiful classmates who have now become treasured friends, but I have gained the skills and confidence to move forward in my life, especially with my healing gifts, that I NEVER would have been able to do without your genuine caring guidance holding my hand through it all. You gave my soul the microphone it desperately needed when my life was so loud that I could no longer hear its whisper. Thank you Julie…for EVERYTHING!”

Amy Bowling