Declutter Your Life

Come and join us for our FREE Declutter Your Life Challenge!!! We have so many fun things planned for you all to declutter your bodies, homes, relationships and your internal thoughts too. When we let go of what is ready to be released, we create the space for the abundance that wants to come in for us!

The first step is to join the Declutter Your Life Facebook Group

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All of the videos shared are pinned in the announcements section of the Facebook group so you can watch the replays if you miss them live.

A list of tasks for each week will be pinned in the announcements section too.  Have fun!

Here are videos and topics shared:

  • Declutter Your Life with Julie Goetzinger
  • Declutter Your Body with Personal Trainer, Lindsay Pickett of Active Mom
  • Declutter Your Body with Nutritionist & Nurse Practitioner, Lauren Shrestha of Nurture Nutrition
  • How Decluttering Leads to Abundance with Julie Goetzinger
  • House Ritual to Cleanse Energy of Your Home with Julie Goetzinger
  • Enhancing the Energy of Your Home with Kim Henriquez of Obra Of Love
  • Decluttering relationships with Intuitive Relationship Expert, Crystal McGowan
  • Decluttering internally, forgiveness meditation with Julie Goetzinger

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