Business Breakthrough Retreats are for Photography Business Owners who desire to make more money and impact without sacrificing their well being or time with their loved ones.

These retreats are offered once per quarter with two being in person and two being virtual. Set up a Business Breakthrough Call with Julie here to learn more.

She is an artist. 

She sees the world in shapes, in vibrant colors, in beauty and desires to capture this in her work. 

The problem is that she does this as a business now so feels like her creativity is squashed because what will her clients think if she suddenly changes directions? 

What if she just stops doing it all together and pursues a different passion?

She has already been recognized for her success which is part of the problem too. What will they think if she just stops?

Will she be seen as a failure?

She doesn’t allow herself to go on vacation because if she’s not overseeing all parts of her business, then things will just fall apart (or so she thinks).

She wants to feel alive again. 

She wants to feel excited. 

She wants to create new art in the form of painting/writing a book/performing on stage/starting a new product line but she feels like if she takes her foot off of the gas that her money will slow down. 

She thinks that if she makes more money she’ll get to the point where she can finally pursue her childhood dream but what she doesn’t realize is that money is a match to alignment so as her passion for her art slows so too will her income if she continues down this path of unfulfillment.

How can she reignite her passion and zest for what she does?

By remembering what her childhood dreams were and allowing herself to pursue them now. 

Did she want to write a book?

Perform on stage?

The time to get started on your dreams is now.

Not after you have more money or after you’ve assembled a team, but right now.

But where to start? How will you have the time to do this AND continue to keep your business running smoothly?

This is what we explore together at our Business Breakthrough Retreats For Photographers. 

The next one is October 6-8 in Washington, D.C. and the one after that will be January 5-7 in Miami, Florida.

At our retreat, you can expect to:

**Reignite your creativity and passion for your art

**Reconnect with your why and purpose for doing what you do

**Reevaluate your relationship with money, time and your own personal power to create the life you desire

**Learn how to set stronger boundaries with your work and personal life

**Create 90 day plan for business and personal goals

**Receive accountability support to launch your new dreams

The best fit for our retreat is a Photography Business Owner who desires to make more money and impact without sacrificing her well being or time with loved ones.

If this is you, set up a Business Breakthrough Call with Julie here to learn more!

Check out some of the breakthroughs our clients have had as a result of attending our breakthrough retreats!

Taylor Shawley

Do the work, let Julie IN and be vulnerable! Watch your abundance grow before your eyes. When I signed up for her Money Intensive program and the Breakthrough Retreat, my goal was originally to make $6,000 in the next 30 days. Through her guidance I kept hearing $12,000 so decided to change it – after her guidance I am sitting at over $13,000 this month!! Julie is inspirational, truly intuitive and a life saver. She helped me, healed me and gave me tools I will forever use in my life and business.”

Devanie McCartney
Jill Kelly

During the Breakthrough Retreat I let go of a lot that was holding me back and now I feel ENERGIZED!!!  I especially enjoyed the marketing conversations and they left me feeling all amped up.  I also left the retreat with the realization that your chosen family IS your family.”

Jude Anderson

Michelle Froedge

The Breakthrough retreat is one of the deepest and heartfelt dives that I’ve done when it comes to my healing. Every activity and share displayed beautiful transformation in each of us. It is incredible how much a 3-day block can completely transform you on the inside. I had some anxiety before the retreat started due to how much I was (or wasn’t) willing to share. That completely melted away once I witnessed Julie’s leadership and compassion. Not only through her sharing, but others having the courage to share from their depths, I knew I was safe to be witnessed and led to my own healing.”

Crystal McGowan

Nazie Spurrier