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Listening to Julie speak has helped me to believe that I am capable and worthy. I deserve to be financially free and abundant!”

Wanda Loubriel, portrait photographer

Julie has truly helped to open my eyes to what I am capable of…since working with Julie our inquiries have been massive! Next year we will take in $450,000!”

MacKenzie Bates, portrait photographer

Since participating in Julie’s Abundance Breakthrough Retreat earlier last year, my business income has increased by 67%!”

Julie is inspirational, truly intuitive and a life saver. She helped me, healed me and gave me tools I will forever use in my life and business.”

Devanie McCartney, photography business owner


Reignite their creativity and passion for their art.

Reconnect with their why and purpose for doing what they do.

Reevaluate their relationship with money, time and their own personal power to create the life they desire.

Set stronger boundaries with their work and personal life. Be held accountable for launching their new dreams.

Julie Goetzinger is a speaker, coach and international best-selling author of Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams, where she shares her story of how she created abundance by stepping into her true self as an artist and spiritual medium. She is the creator of Free to Fly, and has seven years of experience in business as an entrepreneur. She speaks regularly on the topics of how to create an abundant life as a photographer, how to create more balance and freedom in your business and how to avoid or recover from burnout.

As a descendant of Matthew Brady who was known as the first American photographer and whose portrait of Abraham Lincoln is on the penny, Julie is passionate about helping other photographers and artists to become more abundant. Matthew was commissioned to photograph the Civil War and after pouring all of his time, money and energy into this project, he was never compensated so Julie is righting this wrong in her own family’s lineage by helping other artists to be well compensated for their art. Being intuitive, Julie can see what is blocking her clients from welcoming in the abundance they deserve and together they work to release these blocks at her retreats and in her online programs.


Julie is a professional speaker, who shares her story of the steps she took to lose 35 pounds, double her income twice in two years time, become a multi-6 figure business owner all while being a single mom during a pandemic! She speaks on the topics of wealth consciousness, energy alignment, intuitive sales and marketing and offers intuitive readings around love/money too.

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