Abundance Breakthrough Retreat

For entrepreneurs ready to take things to the next level…

Seeking high vibe, high power entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their full power and to welcome in abundance in all its glory!! Whether you want to expand your business, build a new one, start a podcast and be seen in a greater way than ever before, I’m here to tell you that it’s all possible…

I am going to teach you how to do it in a way that doesn’t mean working longer hours, but instead to work less doing it in a way that is fun and easy for you to do.

You will leave our retreat with the clarity, confidence and conviction to BE the boss you came here to be. We will get laser sharp on your business goals over this next year and will put a plan into place that will get you there.  Your level of commitment will determine how quickly you reach your goals and surrounded by other high vibe, high power biz bosses you will gain the energy and momentum to propel yourself even further into success.  

With a focus on money mindset, doing the healing work to release what no longer serves you and making physical and energetic space to allow in all the abundance you dream of, we will get you to where you want to be and quickly.  And not by pushing harder and working longer hours either…  Julie will be teaching you how to leverage the power of the Universe to co-create your dreams so that you are able to welcome them in with grace and ease in a way that feels best to you.

This retreat is by invitation only for high vibe men and women.  If you think you need to be one of them, set up a discovery call with Julie here.  

Here are the dates of the upcoming retreats:

July 15-17 San Diego, CA

October 7-9 Virtual

Check out some of the breakthroughs our clients had during our retreats!

The Abundance Breakthrough retreat is one of the deepest and heartfelt dives that I’ve done when it comes to my healing. Every activity and share displayed beautiful transformation in each of us. It is incredible how much a 3-day block can completely transform you on the inside. I had some anxiety before the retreat started due to how much I was (or wasn’t) willing to share. That completely melted away once I witnessed Julie’s leadership and compassion. Not only through her sharing, but others having the courage to share from their depths, I knew I was safe to be witnessed and led to my own healing.”

Crystal McGowan
Jude Anderson

During the Abundance Breakthrough Retreat I let go of a lot that was holding me back and now I feel ENERGIZED!!!  I especially enjoyed the marketing conversations and they left me feeling all amped up.  I also left the retreat with the realization that your chosen family IS your family.”

Jude Anderson
Kelly Tener

Do the work, let Julie IN and be vulnerable! Watch your abundance grow before your eyes. When I signed up for her Money Intensive program and Abundance Breakthrough Retreat, my goal was originally to make $6,000 in the next 30 days. Through her guidance I kept hearing $12,000 so decided to change it – after her guidance I am sitting at over $13,000 this month!! Julie is inspirational, truly intuitive and a life saver. She helped me, healed me and gave me tools I will forever use in my life and business.”

Devanie McCartney
Taylor Shawley

My journey started out with the Money Intensive Program, and I just finished up the Abundance Breakthrough Retreat. Each and every program of Julie’s has been an experience that I wouldn’t even have imagined! She is awesome and such a professional in her work. Her intuitive work always leaves me in awe! She will say things I’m thinking, talk about a situation that has happened without me even bringing it up to her.I love how her Money Intensive program was pre-recorded because as a busy business owner myself it gives me the opportunity to see them on my own time and pace. I love how there are real people, with real questions in the recordings, they ask questions that I would like to know and it makes me feel like I’m right there with them. Her coaching has helped me grow my business tremendously, I’ve been able to achieve so many goals that I thought wasn’t even possible! The energy and light that Julie has is like no other and she has helped me be comfortable in my own self and helped me move past traumas that 20 years of on and off therapy and thousands of dollars hasn’t done. I highly recommend all her programs and coaching sessions!”

Kim Henriquez
Jill Kelly

Michelle Froedge

Nazie Spurrier

Disclaimer: Please note that there is a minimum deposit of $1,000 required to hold your spot for a retreat. This fee is due at booking and is non-refundable. If you become ill at the last minute or have an emergency and are unable to attend your scheduled retreat, you may attend another retreat, but no refunds will be given.