Declutter Your Life

“We must create the space for the good that we desire.” -Bob Proctor

In order to allow in the space for what you desire next for your life, Julie will guide you through this 21-day challenge with her interactive workbook that you can pick up here to guide you through the process to declutter your body, home/workspace and relationships as written about in her book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.”

To support you in this challenge, Julie has interviewed experts in the areas of cleaning up your nutrition, decluttering your home and establishing healthier relationships. Her interviews can be found on her YouTube channel, Speak to Spirit with Julie Goetzinger. Watch this video first to guide you through this challenge!

About your host:

Julie Goetzinger is an inspirational speaker, a psychic medium and the international best-selling author of “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams,” where she shares how to simplify and declutter every area of your life so that you can allow your desires to come in with greater ease. Her speaking programs are called, “Ignite Your Purpose” and “How to Achieve Success Without Sacrificing Your Well-Being.” Julie has hosted nine domestic and international retreats, and has seven years of experience in business as an entrepreneur.

Julie’s first business was as a professional photographer but during the pandemic when all in-person work closed down, she was at a loss for what to do so booked an intuitive reading with her personal psychic and was told that she too was a gifted psychic medium and that it was time that she share her gifts with others. After “coming out” as a medium on Facebook, she got inundated with requests for readings and ended up having a $20,000 cash month just two months later from readings and intuitive coaching alone, so knew she was on the right path! This is what inspired Julie to write her book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams,” so that she could teach others how to welcome in their desires with greater ease by reconnecting with their intuition and cultivating their well-being which is what she speaks about onstage today.

When Julie is not working, she’s either outside with her dog, Stella, or with her kids singing and dancing in their kitchen in celebration of the beautiful life they have created together.