Intuition Development Course

Speak to Spirit an entry-level program for anyone wanting to learn how to strengthen their connection with their intuition so that they will know the next best steps to take in their lives.

This is a self-paced online program with video modules to watch from the comfort of your own home.  You will also gain access to our private Facebook community to further support you as you develop your gifts. 

Here’s a sneak peek as to what will be covered in the Speak to Spirit course:

Module 1: How to Quiet Your Mind Through Meditation

Module 2: How to Cleanse and Protect Your Energy

Module 3: How to Connect with Your Higher Self Through Automatic Writing

Module 4: How to Read Oracle Cards

Module 5: What it Means to be Psychic

Module 6: How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Module 7: How to Do Intuitive Readings for Others

Module 8: How to Use Crystals to Manifest Your Desires

Module 9: How to Start Your Own Intuitive Coaching Business

The cost of this course is $497. For our Mother’s Day promotion, you can get this course for only $397. This offer ends Monday, May 31st at midnight. Sign up here!

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Check out what LeeAnne had to say about this program!

“Joining Julie’s Speak to Spirit program was one of the best investments that I have made in myself in a long time. Pre-quarantine I was coming off of a really hard year and I was really struggling in my marriage and with myself. 

I didn’t realize quite how much I needed her healing work and guidance until we got down to business in the course. I also realized how much I really needed to be in a group of like-minded people who were invested in doing the hard work to heal themselves as well. It was so refreshing! 

I re-learned how to be still, meditate, tap into my intuition, use oracle cards (my favorite!) and most importantly take time for myself. Since the course, I have been utilizing all of the tools we learned and really digging deep to break through some of my self-imposed barriers which I only had the confidence to do because of Speak to Spirit. 

I’m so grateful for the time with Julie and the amazing people that I met. I’m really looking forward to being ready to join her next course one of these days. I can’t recommend the experience enough!”


I had a private session with Julie, and it was so reassuring, accurate, and mind-blowing at the same time! We’ve never met before, but in the first few minutes of chatting, she felt like a best friend. She described my personality perfectly, she identified the areas of my life where I’m struggling and why I’m struggling with them, and we talked about where she sees my life path going. I left our call with confirmation on some things, having my eyes opened to other opportunities in the future, and just feeling an overall sense of calm, hope, and confidence!”

Kristina Hart

Julie is amazing! I had a private session with her and she helped me through a difficult time by relaying messages from my spirit guides and informing me I’ve been repeating this pattern for many lifetimes. I felt very reassured after her call, and I still think about it almost every day, and this call was probably 5 months ago. I will definitely be using her again.”

Molly Kelly

The sense of freedom that I feel after working with Julie is incredible. Julie is truly a light of wisdom, love and transformation for everyone she comes into contact with. I am beyond blessed to be on the receiving end of her love and guidance. Thank you for sharing your gifts Julie!”

Crystal McGowan

I had my first private session today with Julie and let me tell you, I was just blown away. I had no words. She told me she meditated and pulled some cards before calling me and she explained the cards and it resonated with me to the T!! As she was reading and explaining, I was thinking to myself ‘how does she know this. I haven’t told her anything yet?!’ She answered all my questions within the first 10 minutes without me even asking my questions I had written down! Lol It’s amazing, she’s amazing! I feel so much better, like a weight has been lifted. I’m at ease and so happy I went through with this. I highly recommend you do a session with her and if you’re hesitant.. just do it!! You will not regret it!! Thank you soo much Julie!!”

Sophia Lo