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I was just thinking the other day how crazy my life has been since July and it finally clicked that that’s when I attended my first Abundance Breakthrough Retreat with Julie and following that retreat I joined her Free to Fly mastermind group. Going through the day to day you may or may not see the shifts and changes happening in your life, but when you take the time to look back after months it’s kind of mind-blowing.

Since that retreat and joining Free to Fly I’ve found my voice, started healing parts of myself that I didn’t realize I needed to heal still, relationships have been shaken up and the ones that aren’t serving me are slowing falling away, I’ve gotten 2 puppies that help me to be more present with my family, things have popped up to make me slow down, I’ve asked for help to make my life easier, and I’ve hired people so I can focus on growing my business and having some work/life balance. These are just some of the many things that have happened since I invested in myself and started working with Julie. “

Shay Perna, Boudoir Portrait Photographer
Crystal McGowan

I was honored to receive a private session last night from our wonderful Julie. Prior to our call, I set the intention to gain clarity and confidence surrounding the spiritual walk I’m on. Boy oh boy! Did she and Spirit deliver. Where I was asking for an appetizer, I was served a 7-course meal!

Julie was able to resurrect old/stale beliefs that I had relating to my mind’s need for security and stability. Together, we brought that to light and gave it a proper burial in the past where it belonged. We also spotlighted the beliefs that I adopted elsewhere that I gave myself permission to release. Y’all, I have been carrying those for YEARS.

The sense of freedom that I feel after only one session is incredible. Julie is truly a light of wisdom, love and transformation for everyone she comes into contact with. I am beyond blessed to be on the receiving end of her love and guidance. Thank you for sharing your gifts Julie!”

Crystal McGowan
Kierra Jones

I literally just joined Money Intensive a few hours ago and watched the first video.  It was a total mind shift. Such a huge, inspiring surge of energy. 10 minutes after I finished the video I walked into my reveal (I’m a photographer so it was my ordering appointment).  I was expecting them to spend about $3500 max, but I walked away tonight with FIVE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND FIVE DOLLARS PAID IN FULL!!! $5405 Thank you, Julie!”

Kierra Jones
Kait Nyutten

While working through Money Intensive, I pre-sold my HIGHEST COLLECTION!!! Before I took this program, I had a limiting belief that I was taking people’s hard earned money and who was I to do such a thing…Now I realize that they have a choice and they chose me. I now feel honored, blessed and worthy of their choice. I’m so grateful for this course and change in mindset!”

Paige Bergeron

Julie was so spot-on in her insights during my private session and was able to deliver these pieces of information with incredible speed and clarity. We had a wonderful hour chatting about my grandmother whom I never had a chance to meet and I felt so good after the call. I would and do recommend her to anyone wanting to gain insight into questions they can’t answer. Knowing and working with Julie is an absolute blessing! She is a ray of sunshine with so much kindness and love to give those that come into her life.” 

Susannah Colon

After doing the very first journaling prompt in Money Intensive, I bawled and realized I had a huge trigger related to money. I finished the journaling, calmed myself, picked up the phone and BOOKED MY DREAM CLIENT!!! Thank you to Julie and this program!!!”

Ellie Kay
Rebecca Bradfield

I started Money Intensive and had a great feeling after our first call together. She helped me realize my limiting beliefs and ways I was holding myself back. Since completing her program, I’ve been so pleased with my results that I’ve chosen to work with Julie for many more private sessions. I am a completely different person than I was when I started these programs and I cannot thank Julie enough for what she’s taught me about myself.”

Jacqui Shreve

Julie is such a spiritually rich, and gifted person. I felt totally comfortable having a private session with Julie because she presents a calm understanding of the human connection to life itself and to those who have crossed over. She is not burdened by ego, nor stifled by fear. She is non-judgmental and eager to help others in all manner of energy work. I had a reading done and inquired about my mother, bother in law, brother, and child. My child came through, but also the unexpected gift of a late friend who passed last year and who I was not expecting to reach out. I also had guides speak about the birds that come into my life. This was neat because it happens all the time and to validate the symbolism after meditating on the birds in my life was a gift in and of itself : Truly a heartwarming experience. highly recommended.”

Jenny Harvilak

I am so thankful for Julie and her ability to share her gifts with those of us who see the value. I was so nervous to find a life coach, especially as a successful 25 year old, and boy was I scared for nothing! Julie has truly opened my eyes to what I am capable of and helped me unlock me. Thank you thank you thank you!

Since taking the money program, our inquiries have been massive…I’m booking weddings like crazy and am just shocked right now. It happened so easily the second I truly let go and accepted that it would happen. Next year we will take in $450,000 and it’s all because of you, Julie Goetzinger!!!

MacKenzie Bates
Caleb Jones

Julie is so fun to chat with! Taking a coaching session from her is like having a talk with a good friend who happens to be an expert in photography and branding/marketing. By the end of our hour together, I got many good ideas on how to stay productive during the winter season and market myself for the upcoming spring. Julie also nicely sent a follow up email with actionable items. Thanks so much Julie!”

Nhi Thais, photographer

Julie did a private session to give me clarity on the sale of my home and everything she said was so correct…I’m 110% a believer in the law of attraction and that your energy affects what you attract. I’ve just been so stuck. Thank you for clarifying things for me, Julie! I absolutely love what you are doing!”

Diane Blank

What an incredible gift Julie has! Within the first few things she said I had goosebumps. She gave me so many positive tools to use to work through some issues I have been stuck on. The clarity and new perspective I walked away with gives me so much hope for the work I need to do. I can’t wait to sign up for more.”

Kandi Anderson, Photographer
Kimberly Henriquez

I’m so glad I made the decision to connect with Julie because she turned out the be the warm and easy person that I saw on her website. I made an immediate connection to her on our face to face meeting and she made me feel really heard and understood. She was generous with her insight and responded with sincere care. I felt like I could be completley honest with her and there would be no judgement. I feel particularly grateful for her follow-up after our call because the quality of information that she gave to me was so personal and relevant that I knew I would definitely work with her again. Thank you Julie for bringing your warmth, genuine care and affection to our world.”

Ferenaz Laiji, Photographer

Working with Julie was amazing. I don’t have an official business yet, however, after talking with Julie I was ready to jump in full time! She gave me amazing strategies on establishing a brand that screams me, and helped things click in a way that doing research on the internet could not. She listened to my concerns and was extremely real and open about everything in her business. Hands down one of the best things I have done for me and my business was talking to Julie!”

Chelsea Hansen, photographer

Julie has such a sweet presence and made me feel very valued in our conversation. She was encouraging and helped me to be more confident in what I was doing well, and gave very clear, actionable suggestions for ways I could improve. I definitely had a lightbulb moment from our conversation about something I had been marketing that she pointed out might not actually be the right fit for my ideal client. I’m so thankful for her insight!”

Valerie Duvick, success coach

Julie was absolutely amazing! First of all, I had two toddlers jumping all over, and she was fantastic being patient with me and my children. The information she shared opened my mind to how I should/could be doing business to be more successful! She was also following me on facebook and Instagram and was able to check my work before our meeting, so it was great to hear her feedback too. I would absolutely rate her work 5 stars. She clearly took the time to get to know me, my personality and was so nice to let me know what and how I could do things differently. I do recommend her mentoring to all photographers!”

Thais Glenn, photographer