WELCOME to Money Intensive !!

Congrats on taking this big step to invest in yourself and to improve your relationship with money so a lot more of it can come in!

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1). Request to join our private Facebook Group here. This is where you’ll go to ask any questions as you work through the modules and to share your successes along the way too!

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3). Pick up a journal and some palo santo or sage from a local crystal shop or online from Obra of Love where I shop.

Check out this video to learn my tips and tricks to learn how to connect to the divine through meditation!!

Since we will be doing a lot of energetic work throughout this course to clear past wounds and beliefs standing in the way of your abundance, you’ll want to watch this video next to learn how to energetically cleanse yourself before and after doing this work.

Check out this video for how to go deeper into this course and connect with your higher self through automatic writing.

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