What to Expect with a Private Reading with Julie

I just read the book, “Aligned As F***” by Lynn Dutrow and these lines stopped me in my tracks…

”You have one wild and precious life. How do you want to live it?” Questions like… “Why am I here? Am I on my true path? How do I explain to people how I can help them?” came flooding to me and here’s what I heard…

You are an igniter. You help to ignite people so that they can get started on their divine mission path.

It takes a lot of energy for a rocket to get off the ground. I am that energy that comes to help propel you to take off. Once you’re flying you will encounter obstacles, naysayers and may hit the ground a couple of times too. You will pick yourself back up and remember that you’ve done this before so you can do it again.

How do you know what your divine mission path is?

It’s the path that when you follow it, doors fly open. People start coming in droves and you may not be sure yet how you’re meant to serve them, but when you tune into your intuition, you will know.

If you’re seeking more clarity around your purpose in your life and would like my help, I am offering private sessions at this time. The first step is to book a clarity call with me here so that I can learn more about what you’re looking for support in and we can make sure we’re a good match to work together.

Watch my video here to learn more about what to expect with a private session