What to Expect with Intuitive Coaching with Julie

Julie offers group intuitive readings in person at Ladies’ Nights in the DMV area (Washington D.C, Maryland, Virginia). She is a psychic channel and reiki master who brings through messages from Spirit Guides regarding how to step further into your life purpose and experience a life of joy and absolute abundance.

She also offers private Intuitive Coaching sessions over Zoom to help you navigate your path to greater purpose and prosperity. 

All private sessions are held over Zoom, are 60 minutes in length and are recorded.

The cost of a private Intuitive Coaching session is $347 and you can book your session here.

Watch my video below to learn more about what to expect during your session.

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About Your Host:

As a leading Life Coach in Maryland, Julie specializes in helping women simplify their lives to reclaim precious time and space, allowing for greater freedom and creativity. Her approach goes beyond traditional coaching methods. Through a blend of intuitive guidance and practical strategies, she empowers her clients to optimize their businesses while nurturing their holistic well-being. From streamlining business offerings to fostering personal growth, she is dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable success and happiness.