What to Expect with a Private Reading with Julie

When I tell people that I’m a psychic medium I’m often met with questions like, “Can you see the future?  Is my departed dad with me right now?”  Or, “When is my money/love partner going to come in?”

I may or may not be able to answer these kinds of questions for you but what I can help you with is in illuminating what is holding you back from allowing in what you say that you want.

The way I define my mediumship is that I’m a divine messenger. I communicate with Spirit Guides and ask them what you’re ready to hear for your greatest and highest good.

Often they will talk about what you’re being asked to heal/release and where you’re not in alignment with what you say you want. Awareness is the first step in healing so with my intuitive readings my job is to illuminate what wants to be healed and then with my coaching I guide through the steps to heal and release what is holding you back from the abundant life you desire.

Our regular rate for 30-minute intuitive readings over Zoom is $175, but if you join our Ascension Club for a one-time fee of $222 for the year, you will receive the discounted rate of $149 for 30-minute readings throughout the year.

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Watch my video below to learn more about what to expect during your session.