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Intuitive Reader & Life Coach for Women

I help ambitious women to receive the love, money and support they deserve. Want to know what could be blocking your resources at this time? Book a free call below!

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Relax to Receive

Hi there!

I’m Julie Goetzinger and I am an intuitive reader and life coach for women, who specializes in helping them to relax to receive their desires with greater ease. I can reveal any blocks to receiving more love, money and support during our intuitive readings and then coach you on how to remove these blocks during our follow-up coaching sessions.

A good place to start is by reading my book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams,” which will walk you through the 4 step process that will help you declutter every area of your life so that you can clear your path to welcome in what you desire next.

I offer private intuitive sessions, psychic parties and retreats where we do this work together to clear your path to abundance.

As far as my background goes, I have been in business for the past eight years, I hit multiple 6 figures in my intuitive coaching business, am the international best-selling author of, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams” and the host of, “Absolutely Abundant: A Podcast for Soul-Aligned Creatives.”

If you would love help in receiving your desires with greater ease, I invite you to set up a complimentary abundance breakthrough call with me here. 


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You could be doing all the things to improve these areas of your life but if you don’t have a mindset for success, you’ll keep sabotaging your progress and may get to the point of believing that you don’t deserve what you desire.

It’s time to change all of that and get back into believing that what you want, wants you too.

Who is this program for? This program is for women who desire a healthier body, more money and more fulfilling personal relationships.

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Check out what my clients say it’s like to work with me!

"Julie knows how to get to the heart of what’s getting in your way using deep intuitive guidance. She has helped me tell my clients the truth about how they bring their magic and must do the work to see their results. Julie’s approach is fun, direct, and a no bull style that brings intuitive coaching to a whole new level! Since participating in her Success Breakthrough program earlier last year, my business income increased last year by 67 percent. Thank you Julie!”
— Kay Loughrey

"When I first met Julie, I just knew she was meant to guide me on this journey towards more abundance, more success, more love, and more growth. Julie is here to hold space for you, guide you, call you out, celebrate with you, and witness you. She is open and honest, she genuinely cares and wants the best for you, and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and heal and grow right alongside you.”
— Shay Perna


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Check out what my clients are saying it’s like to work with me!