Julie Goetzinger

Intuitive Life Coach + Author + Speaker

I help female entrepreneurs find the best places in the world to work, live, or find love based on their birth charts and Astrocartography maps. I offer 1:1 readings, life coaching, and retreats.

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I am Julie Goetzinger, an Intuitive Life Coach and Astrocartographer based in Leesburg, VA where I offer in-person life coaching, business coaching, intuitive readings, and Astrocartography readings. I offer virtual sessions if you are out of state or outside the U.S.

As a leading Life Coach in Maryland and Virginia, I specialize in helping women simplify their lives to reclaim precious time and space, allowing for greater freedom and creativity. I can also help you to find the best places in the world to work, live, or find love based on your birth chart and Astrocartography map.

Dive deeper into self-discovery through personalized Intuitive Life Coaching sessions or embark on the transformative journey of our Simplify Your Life coaching program, inspired by my bestselling book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.”

For those ready to amplify their business success, VIP Coaching days provide personalized support to streamline offerings and unlock newfound time freedom.

Are you ready to simplify, thrive, and manifest the life you desire? Schedule your free consultation today and let’s embark on this empowering journey together.


Do you have the desire to free up your energy and create more space in your day? If so, our Simplify Your Life program could be just what you need to clear the space to live a simpler, more abundant life!

Simplify Your Life students can expect to:

  • Set up clear boundaries around your schedule to allow for more personal development time and rest
  • Receive clarity around what no longer fits in your life and receive support from the group as you let that go
  • Enhance your ability to meet your goals with more ease as you accept the mentality that we manifest at rest
  • Receive a loving, supportive community that will cheer you on every step of the way

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Check out what my clients say it’s like to work with me!

"Julie knows how to get to the heart of what’s getting in your way using deep intuitive guidance. She has helped me tell my clients the truth about how they bring their magic and must do the work to see their results. Julie’s approach is fun, direct, and a no bull style that brings intuitive coaching to a whole new level! Since participating in her Success Breakthrough program earlier last year, my business income increased last year by 67 percent. Thank you Julie!”
— Kay Loughrey

"When I first met Julie, I just knew she was meant to guide me on this journey towards more abundance, more success, more love, and more growth. Julie is here to hold space for you, guide you, call you out, celebrate with you, and witness you. She is open and honest, she genuinely cares and wants the best for you, and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and heal and grow right alongside you.”
— Shay Perna


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Check out what my clients are saying it’s like to work with me!