Why Purpose Matters

This photo of me was taken right after my divorce when I started on my own journey of rediscovering my purpose.

There are times in our lives when we feel a loss of purpose.  For me it was after I got divorced and then again after I experienced financial loss.  I know from others that it can be felt after a job loss, after an injury/illness.  It’s those times in our lives when we feel lost and are desperately searching for something that will help us to feel better and to remember why we’re here.  I am passionate about helping people to find their purpose because I know the pain of losing it and I also know the joy of finding it again. 

My purpose is to help others to find their higher purpose and then to help them to let go of anything that’s not aligned to that.  I believe that living our purpose will not only make us feel happier, but it’s also the key to our greatest prosperity and who doesn’t want that?

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Julie helps business owners break through to the next level of success in their businesses by helping them clear money blocks. She is a psychic medium, intuitive coach, and the international best-selling author of, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.” In her book, she will walk you through the 4 step process that will help you declutter every area of your life so that you can clear the path to greater purpose and prosperity.