Episode 2 – Feminine Leadership: Redefining Abundance | Dr. Nanilea Diamond

I’ve been deepening with this over decades of working with people. And looking at the patterns and the energy patterns existing underneath and what I’ve found is that, and when we talk about abundance, something that’s important for me to clarify is that we’ve been trained more and more, and as a society to think money when we hear the word abundance. And I see that being a way to condition us and have us associate money as the relational to like the city of life, like the true abundance, the two life-giving wellsprings of where we draw our energy for creation from and what may gives us power and gives us access and gives us avenues of creativity being absolutely just instantly directionally related to money.

So I like to back up from that energy and just really plant the word abundance. In the reality and the truth I see it as a paradigm that there’s nothing bad or wrong with money. Money’s absolutely a part of abundance. Absolutely critical a part of it and to just watch that conditioning, that brings us into a consumer society, a mechanistic society, and a society based on materialism, that disconnects from the true roots being in the abundance of the earth and the rhythms.

And that’s where I feel like feminine energy really begins our connection to the earth to mama. So mama Gaia, how we treat the earth is how is everything in relation to it shows us our relationship to the feminine. Wow. You know, do we rape her? Do we, you know, care about her? Do we protect her? Do we have guidelines and regulations that take care of her? What are our standards? All of that. So as far as abundance, I feel like, at the root level, it’s going back to a paradigm shift. Are we rooted in creating everything and I teach everything I do? There’s one fundamental core energy I come back to, which is the energy we create from guides and determines our creations.
So with that, holding that as the center flame. Back up the abundance into really saying that we are rooting in a paradigm of abundance that first honors, the energy of creation itself to not instantaneously be put into the energy matrix of money and mechanistic consumer society version, and then from that, cause that’s where I see true, the feminine and women truly, truly be rooted in what will make them access the extraordinary financial abundance is when they are unplugged from that consumerism kind of society. That is, by the way, crumbling right now. They are truly rooted and created from this other place. They can, they will have innovation, like never before they will have created. And they will also have deep-seated permission to go beyond the limit that society creates.

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Transplant Your Roots Back Into The Source of Creation

If you follow all those behavioral things that are, women are experiencing, the overwork, the stress, the pushing, the masculine, all of that, the fundamental energy you come back to is the roots. Have needed to be transplanted. I say, let’s transplant your roots back into the source of creation. And from there, you, you have the truth and the reality remembered through your being that life is, is abundant. It’s not like you have to try to be it. It just is. And you become an extension of that. And then you can get wildly creative with how you wanna do that. Do you wanna do that in financial wealth? Beautiful. I think bringing in financial wealth is a way for women to have, it’s like an access point into their system to see.

It relates to their power. It relates to how they are with masculine energy. And so a woman, starting to grow financially, she’s gonna meet all these other parts of herself. And I call it like an underground root system, energetically in her, in her being that will start to uproot and have the opportunity for change in reorganization.

One of The Biggest Challenges With Women In The Area of Abundance

I think that for women, in particular, I mean if we look at just where we are in, in our society, in our timeline. 1960 was when a woman was allowed to open her own bank account without needing a signature from a man. 1974 was when she was allowed to have her own credit card. And then she’s allowed to have her own house. So it’s new in our system. And previous to that, we were owned. We were owned by a man. I mean, we’re talking only a few decades, so it’s very recent. And these things have been subconsciously put into the programming of our being, in our body. And we will meet those limits. They’re not even beliefs because they’re below beliefs. They move into the realm of just pure, raw energy patterns of subconscious archetypal programming that goes on. 

I say men also, but for a woman like her sexuality is, you know, it’s just prostitution everywhere. It’s made for marketing, it’s one of the hottest marketing things, a woman’s sexuality. We see advertisements that have a woman, you know, showing her sexuality and it’s for absolutely nothing to do with that. And so that actually has what I’ve seen in the women I work at with is. There’s kind of this like push-pull going on in their system with creating period and especially financial wealth and abundance because they don’t wanna be commoditized. They don’t want to bring it into a realm of, of sales and money.

They wanna make their own creative energy precious again. And once it turns, goes into the marketplace, Now we hit this energy of like, wow, I’ve we hit the collective energy of the feminine being commoditized, prostituted, all those things. And so it takes an incredible amount of clearing that from our system and coming into sovereignty with our own sexual, creative energy, and choosing to do it and building around boundaries and standards and ways of it expressing that hold it sacredly. So there’s a lot in that.

How Can A Woman Use Her Sexual Energy In A Healthy Way To Harness Her Creativity?

I work a lot in peak performance and working with high-level athletes or, or entrepreneurs or think tanks and that sort of thing. Even like there are seen as flow state is something, well, we’re gonna use flow state to go and produce more and that there’s this whole thing of just using to get more outcomes,  to get more output. So it’s this undoing. And what I see in the I do with women is really them coming into their sexuality, their creativity as their own. Like my sexuality only exists with a man. Now it exists on your own. Your creativity exists on your own and to undo all of that programming and her system to have it called out, to have it confronted, and to begin to grow for a woman’s eyes that can see it. Cause if you can’t see it, if you’re blind to it, you’re gonna put on that energy and wear it out and not even know it, you know? And it’s like, well, you got that dress on. You didn’t even know it. You know, if you have eyes to see it, then you come into a place of having a greater choice and moving back into the energy of just sovereignty with your own energy and saying, it’s my joy to create powerfully. It’s my joy to shake things up and build this thing and do this thing.

Become More Intimate With Yourself

Know thy self for, for women, it’s knowing what is feminine energy. What is your heart? What are your desires? And to unplug from the matrix? A lot of it’s unplugging and undoing when I have retreats and we have women come in, a lot of it is like, all right, we’re gonna have to like pull the weeds off to even get to what is the flower underneath, you know? And it’s another way of remembering 1960.

Remember we had got societal permission to have our own bank account without a man’s signature. Like there’s still that programming. It’s the same thing for sexuality. It wasn’t till I don’t have the exact date, but recently where inter-marital rape was considered illegal, like, or inside the marriage, you know, a woman’s sexuality was owned by a man. She didn’t have a choice. And so there’s still that undoing of sexuality. I think currently in the modern woman where she’s waiting for a man to bring it out in. Well, I need a man so that I can feel this way. No, you have YOU.

Yes. It’s wildly enhanced by being with a man. Don’t get me wrong. Do you know what I mean? I love that. And those that sexual raw freedom exists in you, and then you share it with a man you don’t show up with a need, you show up with an overflowing and this is abundance. You show up with an abundance of that energy running through your system, and it’s like, let’s share this. Let’s be in this. Let’s see where we go together in this.

Find The Symbols That Speaks To You And Use That To Enhance Your Own Power For Yourself

A lot of how we translate life is through metaphor and symbology. There’s more association with the right side of the brain of moving things into a different way of translation. And beyond that, is the work that I do and why I feel like I’m here on the planet to help women unlock forgotten codes and live them to open into realms of their being that have been latent, that have been unlived. And literally, the codes in their DNA have not been transcribed. Like they have not been living frequencies and part of that is if we look at epigenetics we code for what our environment signals. 

We also have in our genetics, the ability to put things called chemical caps onto our genetic coding. That basically says it’s a cap. It says, don’t code for this. Don’t be this vibration. Don’t be this expression don’t do, or do it in a very limited range. Why? Our predecessors and generations before got killed for it or got banished for it, or it was dangerous for them or it made life hard for them. Or there was massive trauma somewhere in the family line, for this reason, you know? And so it puts a chemical cap evolutionarily. It’s an evolutionary survival tactic of our nervous system to say, don’t do this. It was dangerous. 

And so, especially for women and this even goes back to what I believe, the witch hunt. And that women have deep access to magic and to the priestess. That’s why I’m, I’m in the study of, of, of priestess sort of, you know, really accessing the magic that a woman has to see and translate life in ways that are incredible. There is feminine and masculine energy. And then there’s a male and female operating system, our body, and our nervous system. The masculine operating system has evolutionarily over generations and generations been designed around more masculine energy. The feminine has been designed evolutionarily as an operating system around the feminine. Which means there’s interconnection. We’ve been evolutionarily designed. We’ve over time adapted and sharpened our skills of being the ones who care for the tribe, you know? And so our senses, our old factory system, and our bodies are much more heightened than a man’s because we can smell. Range in the immune system vibrationally to know when a child is sick before they’re sick. You know, we have all of these abilities in our nervous system to recognize energy patterns. 

Photographically in the tribe to see interconnections and to translate metaphorically and symbolically and to know things about how to lead life and move life forward. I believe there are caps on many parts of those because for a woman to come into her full power has been seen as dangerous, for many reasons.

Is The Term Witch Just Labeled To Shame A Woman For Being  Powerful?

I think the witch is one word to describe it. I see it as entire libraries, like a whole library of codes, which is more the identity or the name that someone would call themselves. My specialization is going the energy patterns and the codes and the, everything that’s existing in. And before the expression, like the witch, is kind of the end result in what society might call her or what she might call herself. But it’s the library of codes that she’s accessing. And she’s drawing from like the energy we create from guys and determines our creation.

So you can call yourself a witch, but how what’s the expansion? What is your access? You know, and what library of codes and what I’ve seen to be true is that there are many different lineages of mystical arts, mystical medicines, and mystical cultures that have been broken and fragmented. And much of it, those witch rays, in which burnings, it was not safe to do anything connected to the earth.

And we’re going there again, we’re in that now where there’s one we’ve switched from. the A religious thing to more medical, but it’s like we’re in a thing where it’s like, wow, are we on the earth? I truly believe we’re at this, this global initiation because all of us are here on the planet to fully live these codes again.

Why Society Is Not Designed To Allow Women To Be In Their Full Power? 

The energy it came from was very patriotic energy that saw women in a very subservient way. Like I said, even 1970 allowed you to get your own bank account like it was designed that women were owned by a man. It was just designed from old energy that was steeped in a religious view. Most of it said the man was the only voice in the house. The only power in the house. Men’s full glory comes through being in a sacred woman union. It doesn’t work for men either to have that kind of societal construct. They’re not loving it either. A lot of that for men still is UN unbundling, to recognize that there isn’t true fulfillment in control and domination. And it actually stems from scarcity and they end up feeling unfulfilled and alone in that.

A Woman’s Guide To Owning Her Power

Women back away from relationships and say, I’m gonna work on myself until I’m totally ready. And then I’m gonna go into a relationship. And it’s like, well, the way I see relationships really is that it is one of the biggest playgrounds for spiritual growth. As for myself, I didn’t like holding back from a relationship until I was utterly whole in myself and then say, I’m ready. I found wholeness through entering into a love and a commitment to love and into intimacy cuz the rawness of being in a real intimate relationship is it will rip your ego apart. It’ll show you and that’s what I feel is part of its design.

I think we have to undo the construct of what we think, relationships and partnerships, and all those things are supposed to be happily ever after where there’s never anything that happens. Like my husband and I are two of the fiercest mirrors to each other. We do our spiritual work of that together because we commit to going the distance together, so I think there is some of that of like coming into your full glory as a woman and it’s how we view relationships and what we view their purpose to be. And going there to open, going there to grow, going there to love, going there to be imperfect, going there to be humble. All of those things and going there to just be a mess human sometimes, and to seek to love in our messiness. You need to love yourself first, you need to be completely whole.

The Feminine Blueprint

It’s a powerful vortex that is unfolding in the world, into a bunch of teachings and training. It’s an approach a method. It’s a map really for a woman to come into her full glory, to come into her full power. And it’s designed really to be, although it can be used in many different ways to be a year cycle, year-long women and feminine. We work in cycles. Our intelligence is in cycles and rhythms. And within like one moon cycle within one year cycle, there are many different frequency activations organically within one cycle for a woman. The new moon’s energy is different than the quarter of the new moon. That’s different than the full moon. There are different energy frequencies and activations that happen naturally. And as we cycle as women, Our hormones are different at every point. Like we are. There’s so much that is encoded in each part of that cycle. I’ve been given, like this came through me, really not from me is that it was shown how to bring a woman through one full cycle in one year of all of those frequency code activations.

Full receptivity and yin energy really are in its ancient future power. And then coming into, as that, moon waxes and comes into the quarter moon, it’s about the embodiment. and then coming into expression and embodiment is where we face. The fire embodiment is about sovereignty in the queen and the energetic castle of your standards, boundaries, upper limits, constructing yourself as a woman, as you come into form full moon.

There are teachings that are layered in it to bring a woman into her fullness. And then in the fall season, it’s attraction. And that’s moving more into yin energy as we go back into the dormancy of winter. So the yin energy building and the principles and practices and embodiments of magnetism of yin building in the system to where we’re actually saying, come to me like one of the most beautiful ways they love to look at feminine energy and attraction is to look at the egg in the sperm.

The sperm hunts. The egg comes down, that fallopian tube, she’s with her sisters hanging out up there and it’s like, oh, it’s your turn girl one at a time they come down like that catwalk, and their radiance. And what they’re saying, energetically is like, come to me, come to me. It’s a magnetic pole at the center of life. There’s this magnetic pole of the feminine. That is her superpower. That is her radiance. And that actually gives the sperm, the signal of where to come of the precision biochemically. 


A lot of these words can get thrown around in pop culture and the meaning of it can be different.I draw that word from priestess tradition.

In the priestess lineage in coming forward as priestess teachings, an initiation is something that like, life is the initiation. We don’t create our own initiations. Consciously initiations are, when we are saying, I’m gonna come to live this, I’m grabbing this torch of this new intention, new dream, new knowledge that I must live this. And we all have those where you’re like, oh, this is what life’s asking me to live. What are we gonna do with that? And it’s like, how I’m gonna take that torch is how I use it in the feminine blueprint. That’s the symbol, right? I use it because when you can relate to it, it becomes a mythic story rather than a conceptual analytical thing.

It’s a mythic story we go on in this feminine blueprint. So it’s, I grab the torch and I say, okay,  I’m gonna live this. Like I got this, I got the memo, the spirit told me, soul told me, I got the memo. I’m going to tell the sisters in the tribe here that I got it and what it is. And we’re all gonna witness in you.

And now you begin stepping forward in life, holding that torch of that, which you are here to live and birth and you begin walking that walk in the world and what life will bring you. An initiation is an opportunity. If we choose to see it that way, sometimes it will kick your butt. Most of the time it will shred. Here you go and make you really choose and decide who you are. And can you stand in it with your torch, a blaze? Or do you shrink back? Do you sell out? Do you prostitute? Do you quiet your voice? Do you try to turn it into something that it wasn’t really, but it’s safer, you know, all the things will do. And that’s why I hold as a mentor with women, fierce accountability. Like you, I say I will not stand with you in a lie.

I know that you are given the torch you are given because you are here to live it. And that means you are given everything. You need everything. You need all everything. An apple seed needs to become an apple tree is in that pattern. It’s in that code, all it needs is water and soil and an environment. That’s what this sisterhood that becomes, so that you can grow that and then just like, come, come, grow, grow. So those initiations or what, or life will initiate us into it.