Episode 24 – Roadmap to Success

How Do You Find Abundance?

I wanna define for you how I find abundance, which I’m sure is a compilation of different spiritual teachers, and leaders that I have heard over the years, but my definition is taken from what I’ve learned from others. And what I believe now is that abundance is the deep trust in knowing that what’s yours will not pass you by understanding that your desires are there because it’s for you. Not everyone desires to have a house on the beach, not everyone desires to have that kind of love partner, and not everyone desires, whatever it is that you desire. And you might think like, oh, well, you know, if I get what I desire, why does the person that shows up not act or look like what I saw? And it’s because we have our personality develops, desires, things that it thinks at once to be happy, to feel good, and then the universe is okay, I hear you. And I know that what you really want is the feeling of being in love. You want the feeling of being happy, the feeling of being in passion and pleasure and joy. And we will deliver to you what is best for you based on what your soul is really wanting and desiring, and guess what you don’t even need to have the person arrive to feel that way. 

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The Four Cs to Creating A Life of Abundance

The first step is to clarify, so clarifying the vision on what it is that you want. How do you wanna feel, where do you wanna live? What do you wanna be doing with your days? Not just where do you wanna go on vacation? How do you wanna feel every day of your life? How do you wanna feel? Clarify it, claim it, state it. This is what I want. Make those requests clear to the universe and they will bring things that match that what you’re asking for.

The second step is community. To surround yourself with others who have a similar vision. Maybe they’re also looking to grow their business. They’re also looking for their love of their life partner. They’re also looking to lose weight, whatever it is that your current vision is for your life surrounding yourself with others who have a similar vision. And who desire, not just for themselves to succeed, but for you to succeed too. They understand that as you succeed, they succeed. This is not a competition who succeeds first, who finds the partner first, who makes the money first. This is about your wins are my wins. I want this for you, just as much as for me, just as much for our community, I want us all to feel good, finding a group like that, to surround yourself as you do this work is going to accelerate the process drastically having a shared vision, and also having that support people that will stand with you in the claims that you make.

The third step is to commune. And when I say commune, this is about communing with yourself, your higher self, your inner self, your inner voice. So many different ways to call the same thing. Connecting with that higher self that is divine. I went back and forth with a step of connecting with the divine. You are divine. Commuting with yourself, deeply knowing yourself is to know the divine, is to know yourself as divine. When we say the divine is your source of compensation. Yes, they are. You are. We are all of it. All of it. It’s not separate from you. You are a living, breathing, spiritual being in a human body, living a human experience. You have the power to create whatever you desire in an instant. There’s no such thing as time in an instant, it can drop in, in an instant. You can feel those feelings right now. Right now you can feel the feelings of being in love, being in love with your life. Being in love with your, your career, being in love with your children, your partner, your friends, your family, your animals being in love with yourself. You have the gift of doing that right now. And the more you meditate, the more you tap in, the more you decide that there’s no relationship, more important than the relationship you have with yourself. When you decide that when you know that and you do the work to commune with your self regularly, everything changes, everything changes. You will have the ability to feel good. Regardless of what’s going on the outside, regardless of those people that are poking you, that are telling you you’re not worthy, not so many words, whatever they’re saying to doubt you, because they doubt themselves. They doubt you because they doubt themselves. You have the ability to stand there, to walk into the flames, to walk into the lion’s den unscathed. As a powerful divine being that you are when you know that, and you show up as that version, everything shifts and changes everything. Every relationship shifts and changes. When you know the powerful divine being that you are, and you decide to commune with her regularly. 

The fourth step is to commit. This is committing to that vision that you saw in the beginning, the vision of the money, the vision of the partner, the vision of the place, the vision of feeling good. I’m so at peace, so happy. I’m so content I’m so excited. When you commit to doing the work, it takes to allow in those feelings to allow in those experiences, to allow in the tangible manifestations, the money, the relationships, the partner, all of it, you commit to doing what it takes. I’m thinking of the imagined dragon song, whatever it takes, whatever it takes. I will face the naysayers. I will face the hecklers. I will face my family. I will face my inner demons. I will do whatever it takes. I will commit because I know that I am here to experience this. I know that I’m here for a life of abundance. I know that I’m here to experience absolute ecstasy, joy, pleasure, passion. 

Committing to doing those action steps. And then we repeat the process again, we start over at the beginning. You start again. What’s the new vision. What’s the new vision dropping in, clarify it, claim it, state it, continuing to surround yourself with those who also see and want you to be happy. They want you to have what you desire surrounding yourself with those loving people and having the courage to let go of those who can’t, who won’t not everyone loves and supports you. Not everyone wants what’s best for you. Some people we plant on our path to take us off our path. We plant them there. We basically hire them to play a role, to bring a challenge, to be difficult. We wanna blame it on them as a person, as someone separate. It is a mirror of us. It is a mirror of our own inner Demonn saying, Nope, not for you. You can’t do that. You can’t have that.

We Have The Power to Create EVERYTHING!

When we realize our power to create everything, every experience, every connection, all of it, that it’s all simply a hologram, a mirror of the thoughts we’re thinking. And we realize that it’s all of our own creation. Hmm. I did that. I put you there? I did that. I created that. Huh? Why did I create that? What does my soul want me to learn from this experience? Maybe I just want the feeling of overcoming. I want the pleasure and the satisfaction of knowing that I’m unstoppable. So how better to prove that I’m unstoppable than to put shit in my path that looks like I can’t get through it. Watch me. It’s like proving it to yourself. You’re not proving it to anyone. You’re proving it to yourself. And you’re playing a game with yourself. It’s all a game. Anyway, it’s all a game. Everything is just the story you give it. Everything is your own perspective. All of it is changeable. All of it is ever fluid ever changing. You create all of it. when you realize. You have the power to create, you have the power to move things outta your way. You have the power to bring in anything you desire. It’s almost comical. You’re like, oh, I did that. I can do that. You mean everything is just our own creation.