Episode 3 – Awaken Your Inner Superstar: How to Activate Abundance Through Aligned Leadership with Michelle Villalobos

Monetizing Your Magic

I grew up watching my dad hate every day that he went. He was miserable. He was angry, you know, it stressed him out. And so I learned as a little kid, you look at your parents, like they’re Gods, you know? And so I kind of picked up the message. That work is hard. It’s not fun. You’re not supposed to enjoy it. It’s just a grind. And that was sort of without realizing it subconsciously what I recreated in my own life. And so the idea of like monetizing your magic or doing what you love, I’ve never seen that in any close way in my life, in my family. And so for me, it was a brand new concept and the magic part being like what you do that comes so naturally, so effortlessly, so gracefully that you almost don’t think it’s worth anything.

And that’s the problem, we diminish it and we think it’s not worthwhile. And so then, we were like doing the hard thing for the day to make the money so that we can come home and do the things that we love to do. And my whole thing is like, why don’t you make the thing that you love to do? The thing that makes you the money and I’ve yet to be confronted with a case where that’s not possible. 

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Trust Your Intuition

Because of that belief system that I had about has to be hard, has to be a struggle, even when I became an entrepreneur and I could do what I wanted to do. I still made it hard. I still made it a struggle. And the reason was that I focused so much on that. There’s some sort of right answer to that. If I could just figure it out, then I would be okay. And I would just constantly map out, map out, map out, seeking this perfect solution to all my problems and investing the model and the strategy and the marketing with the thing that could change my life rather than me being the thing that could change my life. And then the marketing and the strategy and the business would change as a result of me changing. And so the big shift was from believing that the power layout outside of me with some mentor was some strategy, some system, some program, some answer, some business model and shifting the focus to, okay. This was a mentor that helped me do this. I wasn’t able to make this shift by myself of looking inward and saying, okay, who do I wanna be? How do I wanna show up in the world? I want to create my life, my business, my marketing strategies, and all the things I create. And from that place, everything else is just more fun, more joyful, more effective.

Aligned Leadership

I have this little model that I developed that I had planned to share with you. It, it’s not like really yet been fully expressed to the world, but I call it Alma which in Spanish means soul. So it’s four steps.

The first step is alignment. And the way I look at alignment is my brand, Superstar. So like a star, if you imagine a five-pointed star, the usual star with one point up here, aiming up two points, aiming down into the ground. And two arms going out on either side. And so for me, alignment is this five-pointed star. And at the center of that star, is you like, who you really are, your identity, your personality, what you love, what you, what you are naturally without having to try. And that’s the first piece. That’s why it’s the center of the star. It’s like when you get to know that every other piece of the star kind of flows outward from there. And so at the top of the star alignment, right?  So we wanna align with who we are, but at the top of the start align with our north star, with our purpose, with something greater than us, something that’s beyond. Our small life that’s the north star, that’s purpose. 

The two legs of the star. I consider them as like grounding us into this world right on the one leg is the leg that’s grounding us into our physical being. It’s our self-care. It’s our life force. So how are we cultivating life-force energy? Do we eat well? Do we sleep well? You know, are we taking good care of ourselves emotionally, and physically? And then the other leg is our values. So that’s the other thing that grounds us. The values are what connect us to the world. We surround ourselves with people who share our like values and just even get clarity about what we value. What’s important to us. Helps us to that’s a piece of alignment. So alignment inside up here, down on the one leg, the life force on the other leg, our values, and then the two arms shooting out in the arm going back into the past is our alignment with our beliefs and our stories.

Defining Leadership

Leadership could look like the things we create in the world. The words we say, the songs we sing, the dances, we dance, the books, we write that’s leadership. And those things that we invest, that energy into and express put out into the world. Those are the things that have the potential to touch other people and to find their people. To find the resonant matches in the world. And from that place of touching the resonant matches. It can touch people. And then it attracts back something, which I call either you can in some circles, you call it manifestation, and other circles, you call it monetization. But it’s what comes back to you, right? Is monetization in this context, right? The monetizing your magic, you send that magic into the world. It touches people and it brings back opportunities, money, whatever it is. And then from that place, of having now, receiving. Then we have the opportunity to amplify. Like we can partner with people. We can invest the money to send the signal out, even bigger. And that’s ALMA.

And so for me, that’s leadership, it’s like being responsible for your own energy and your own expression in the world. And that’s aligned leadership. And when we’re out of alignment, when those things are funky, when they’re not feeling good, when we’re not dealing with that, then the expression kind of gets, gets wobbly as well.

What Does It Mean To Be Energy-Rich? 

The energy-rich is like coming from the energy of love and inspiration and feeling. The thing is energy-rich doesn’t mean big. It doesn’t mean extroverted. It doesn’t mean loud. It can mean that, especially, you know, for some of us, but it really, what it just means is coming from empathy and compassion and connection. And so when we’re energy-poor or energy-neutral, we’re usually disconnected from whatever, from ourselves, from what’s happening in the world. 

Trust Is The Soul’s Currency

I would say two or three years ago, whatever 2018 was. I remember I claimed that as my torch and I claim to trust. And then a few months later I lost as my whole team started to either quit or I needed to let them go for a variety of reasons. And I ended up by myself in the business for the first time in six years. And Nalia helped me remember. So did my sisters, whom I had claimed trust, and like, what would it look like to trust that this is all happening for me? What would it look like to choose it? Because it’s one thing that I wanna make the distinction between trusting and choosing to trust, it’s different. There’s a distinction between like, oh, I trust that this is okay. Or I trust whatever. And versus like, wow, this really sucks. I’m in the middle of it. I hate it. And I’m gonna choose to trust.

And to bring those stories full circle, like it’s been so amazing ever since I needed that team to go it, there was a new version of me emerging and I needed a new team to be a part of that, that new vision and that new version of me. And I was so attached and that’s another thing. Like we get attached to things. I was so attached to the way it was. I wasn’t making space for what it could be. And so I believe that it was happening for me. And the thing I believe is that I orchestrated it for myself, my hire self orchestrated it, not like some divine entity outside of me.

Be The Creator Of Your Own Reality

I started to have experience a few years ago, as I started to pursue a more spiritual path, I wouldn’t have called it a spiritual path back then, I would’ve called it personal development. I was very scared of anything spiritual. I was not scared but resistant. I didn’t believe I am an atheist for decades since I was 19 years old. So spirituality, that word had a lot of triggers for me. So it was personal development that led me to have some experiences that were beyond what I could comprehend with my mind that they were trans-rational. They were beyond what is rational. And in exploring those things, I started to open up to more opportunities to have more of those experiences. And now I’m like actively seeking. And those experiences are things that I cannot deny, speak to a deeper, bigger universe than what I can comprehend or see or understand. I’m a seeker. I wanna always learn and know and grow. And I don’t remember your question. 

There are creations that want to be birthed that are being called for in the world. And some of them are for you and some of them are for somebody else. But what are you feeling called to is such a big, more powerful question than what would work. Like, the old version of me back in the very, you know, notebook E strategy days is like, will this ideal work, will this strategy work, you know, will this thing fit together? And now that’s a certain consciousness. And a higher vibe question, one that’s gonna naturally bring more joy, more fulfillment, more impact is like what wants to be birthed through. What wants to be expressed through me, what wants to be created with my unique gifts? Co-created. And it finds to me that it’s juicier in it and it creates more excitement, more free energy. There’s more free energy,  there’s energy that’s bound up, and then there’s energy that’s available for the taking, you know, following that free energy of what wants to be created.

Are We Meant To Lead?

Everybody must feel that way and who it might have been special. And now I think if you have that seat inside of you, it wouldn’t be there unless you are being called to lead. Maybe not everybody, like maybe other people have different things that they’re working on in their life.

Money Block

In business, in life, I feel like I’ve seen it enough times now to know that that’s where the juice is in that anger, that resentment, that feeling of it never works for me. Why not me? You know, like that an like, okay, let’s go there. Let’s feel it. Why doesn’t it ever work for you? That sucks, you know? And. Let’s feel it instead of trying to shift it, like, oh, you could feel better because why don’t you try this? We’re looking for an external solution, a magic bullet, a magic genie. We’re looking for someone to fix it for us. And that’s a dangerous place to be in as a coach. Because it’s the underlying issue that needs to get addressed.

Work Shouldn’t Feel Hard

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it’s so simple. It’s literally the star, its alignment. It’s starting with the internal piece. And this is when I did this work, it took me years cuz I didn’t have a model for this. So I developed my model and now, I think it can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to a year or so, in my opinion.

Like it kind of anywhere in there of starting with, okay, who am I, what do I love to do? What do I hate to do? What’s my magic? What’s my magical, unique, special sauce? Why am I here? What matters to me in my life? What would I not want to die without ever having contributed to the world? Am I feeling energy-rich, physically physiologically, biologically taking care of my vessel? Am I aligned with my values or am I living outside of accordance with what  I believe in?

Abundance Is Not Having The Money. It’s Having The Mindset

To be abundant, you feel abundant, like abundance begins. We think of abundance as like an outcome of a certain number of dollars in the bank, a certain jewelry or cars or homes or whatever it is that we associate to abundance as a little kid. When we have enough, then I’ll be abundant. And honestly that rarely happens or if ever, and that’s why we see, like, you’ve heard the stories of people that win the lottery and then they’re back to being broke again because abundance is not having the money it’s having the mindset. And so I think each of us is a little different, but there are certain things that are associated with an abundance mindset. One of them that I’ve been taking on lately is generosity. I find that when I’m being generous, I feel abundant. So it’s the mindset that we cultivate. And it doesn’t mean you have to be giving away 50 and a hundred dollars all day long. What makes you feel abundant? What feels like it might be getting the nicer glass of wine instead of the cheap one. You know, maybe cost you an extra $4 for the nicer glass of wine, but it feels more abundant. You enjoy the wine so much more. So like, how do you cultivate the mindset and the feeling of abundance by wearing nice clothes? I feel like our responsibility is to cultivate the feelings of abundance for me, that’s generosity and that’s gratitude.Those are the two feelings that I most associate with abundance. 

How Do We Not Blame Ourselves?

If everything’s happening, how do we not blame ourselves? Because there’s a fundamental belief underneath that, I think that I’m gonna call it pull-forward. And that belief is that there’s good and bad, right and wrong. And what I’m gonna offer to you is perhaps everything is,  if you take on, and this is a big one, I know this is like a game changer, life changer, complete overhaul of your entire perspective on life. But if you take on that, everything is already okay. Not that it’ll be okay, but that it’s already okay.

Everything is good. Then you can take on that. It’s happening for you, even if you don’t understand exactly why or how. And so what I mean by that is. If you take on that, there’s nothing, no one to blame. There’s no blame, right? Like that you, that it’s happening for you because there’s some transformation, there’s some growth, there’s some greater good. There’s something that’s, that is already happening. If you really place the value on growth and expansion, rather than on outcomes.