Meet Julie

As a child I knew that I was different. Crowds frightened me.  Lots of movement and activity was overwhelming to me. I found peace in creating art and it wasn’t until I was an adult that I discovered that I was a Medium, or one who can connect to the other side.

I was excited to learn and develop these gifts, but found that those who were closest to me at the time were less than excited about my new findings.  There seemed to be fear around them, being told not to discuss them and even being asked by my partner at the time to shut them off due to the discomfort he was feeling. It felt like a denial of who I was to my core to try to quiet these gifts and not discuss them for fear of making another uncomfortable.

My favorite tattoo

I took a leap of faith and decided to leave my partnership of 22 years and to rediscover who I was on my own.

After I made this leap of faith I felt even more unsafe and turned to the divine for comfort. I began to regularly receive messages from the divine through journaling and meditation and was told that the cure for my loneliness or emptiness I felt inside was an indication of being disconnected from the truth of who I am.

Amethysts are one of my favorite crystals!

Once I owned my intuitive gifts, I gained the courage to “come out” on Facebook as a Medium and offered to do intuitive readings for my friends for no cost.  I got bombarded with requests and quickly saw that this gift was real and that it brought great healing to people too.

My babies

Two months after I stepped into the truth of who I am and shared with my partner that I wanted to get divorced, I had a $20,000 cash month from intuitive readings and coaching alone. Prior to that I had been a portrait photographer, but Covid had just hit so I was unable to do in-person work so began to build an intuitive coaching business instead and was quickly hired by fellow business owners wanting intuitive guidance.

I knew that the influx of clients and money was a gift from the divine and an indication that it was time to set out on my own and to follow this calling.  That same year I brought in 6 figures from my intuitive coaching business alone so it was clear that I was on the right path!

I’d love to hear more about what you desire for your life and to help you to see what could be standing in the way of welcoming in your desires. You’re welcome to set up a complimentary call with me here so we can look deeper into it together and I can provide you some insight as to how to move closer to what you desire!