Meet Julie

Self-portrait by Tara Marie Photography

Hi there.  I’m Julie. 

I’m a crystal loving, spirit-seeking, single mama of two, and have just recently stepped into the fullest version of who I am. 

I was taught from an early age that being “easy-going” and therefore making life easier for everyone else was worth more than how I felt. I learned that by pleasing others it was the way to earn their love. Until I discovered that it wasn’t… I was left feeling angry and abandoned but once I realized that it had all been my choice, I took my power back. I stepped out on my own and have decided to live my life on my own terms now. Today I am a single woman who is financially independent, completely satisfied and fulfilled within myself and I want to show other women that they can do the same.

My babies

I help to remind thought leaders of their full divine worth and power and teach them how to allow in all the abundance that wants to come into their experience as a result of doing their soul’s work.

As an intuitive, I can see which limited money beliefs are holding you back from reaching that next level of success and can help to pull those out during energy healing treatments and coaching sessions. 

My favorite tattoo!

As a result of my coaching, my clients receive the confidence and clarity they need to breakthrough to the next level of personal and professional success. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, you’re welcome to set up a money breakthrough call with me here.

Amethysts are one of my favorite crystals!

You didn’t come here to play it small.

You came here to experience life in all its fullness, joy, pleasure and passion so let’s unleash that beautiful soul and welcome in all the abundance that wants to come in for you too!