Meet Julie

Hi there!

I’m Julie and I’m a creative through and through. I’ve explored many different careers in pursuit of living my life’s purpose from working at the Discovery Channel, to teaching 5th grade to starting a photography business to starting an intuitive coaching and speaking business which is what I’m doing today.

The biggest shift for me happened during Covid when I (like everyone else) was forced to reevaluate my life and how I wanted to be living. My marriage with my partner of 22 years was coming to a close and with all in-person work getting shut down I was at a loss for what to do.

I called my intuitive guide who I had been consulting with off and on for the past few years and what she told me changed the course of my life.

She said that I too was a gifted intuitive and that it was time that I start sharing my gifts with others.

I was surprised but excited by this possibility so decided to offer free readings on Facebook to see if I could do it. People quickly validated my gifts saying that my messages were spot on and wanted to know how I knew so much about their lives without ever having met them.

Soon after that I got inundated with requests for readings and ended up having a $20,000 cash month just two months later from readings and intuitive coaching alone, so I knew I was on the right path!

This is what inspired me to write my book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams,” so that I could teach others how to welcome in their desires with greater ease by reconnecting with their intuition and healing their inner world which is what I speak about today.

It hasn’t always been a smooth ride as I learned how to be single for the first time in my life, to reenter the world of dating, and to navigate the ups and downs that come with stepping into a leadership role in my business. 

As a free spirit, I felt called to start living a house-free lifestyle by letting go of my house and many of my possessions to live lighter and feel more free. I am staying in air bnbs that are along my strongest Astrocartography lines which is something that I’m learning more about now and am sharing on my YouTube channel, Absolutely Abundant.

I am committed to helping hard-working women to be more in their feminine energy so that they can relax and receive their desires with greater ease and live a simpler, more abundant life. I do this work through private intuitive readings, coaching sessions, and retreats.

If you are a woman wanting to live a simpler, more abundant life, I invite you to set up a complimentary clarity call with me here. For all other inquiries to work with Julie, you can fill out this form.