Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams

Imagine a world where you are never without what your heart desires…Learn how to get what you want with ease in my book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams!” Purchase hard copy of book here!

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What’s the book about?

Julie’s intuitive abilities were always there. Yet, it was only when she chose to embrace them and offer spiritual guidance professionally that the money began flowing. She left a twenty-two-year relationship because it no longer aligned with her mission and path in life! Despite immense challenges from family and friends, her calling never wavered as her true “north star” guided her every step forward.

Today, Julie is a multiple six-figure business owner, helping women become abundant, giving them the freedom to gain the financial means to prosper.

Praise for Free to Fly

This “must-read” book is a powerful guide to cultivating and amplifying your intuitive gifts in service of greater abundance, alignment, and attraction. It’s enjoyable, and packed full of practical, easy-to-apply daily practices.”

Michelle Villalobos, MBA, CSP, author of But I Want to Fly: A Children’s Book for Dreamers of All Ages

This book is both practical and inspiring. Julie Goetzinger knows how to shape dreams into reality, and she shares this knowledge with clarity, enthusiasm, and a knack for choosing words that best illustrate her grounding in spiritual and down-to-earth matters.”

Roger W. Nielsen, life coach and memoirist, author of Of Reason and Rage and Writing Content

“If you’re ready for a change, ready to let go of excuses, do the inner work, and open yourself up to abundance, then let Julie and her “Free to Fly” community gently guide you by the hand.”

Shay Perna, boudoir portrait photographer

Abundance is possible! It’s here waiting for you if you choose to see it or believe in your own unlimited possibilities. Free to Fly helps you get clear about your calling. It offers you the right tools to attract abundance quickly, easily, and without compromising your standards.

About the Author

Julie Goetzinger is the creator of Abundance Academy, Money Intensive and Free to Fly. She helps ambitious professionals to get what they want with ease.

She is an Abundant Life Coach, Podcaster, Author, Intuitive, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur with seven years’ experience in business.

She is the host of the podcast, “Absolutely Abundant: A Podcast for Soul Aligned Creatives,” host of the “Unleash Your Abundance Summit”, and author of “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams,” where she shares her story of how she became a multi-6 figure business owner during a pandemic as a single mom using the process she shares in her book. She has been featured in The Rising Tide Society and on various podcasts and summits to speak on the topics of worthiness to receive abundance, wealth consciousness, energy alignment, intuitive sales and marketing.

Julie is also a mama of two, a photographer, triathlete and loves to sing and dance around her kitchen in celebration of the beautiful life she has created!