Moon Challenge


So happy to have you joining us for the Moon Challenge!  We are doing this challenge to be more intentional about when it’s time to be in action mode and when it’s time to rest and reflect. This will result in a more balanced approach to your business and personal life too!

Here are the steps to our challenge:

1. Watch the video about the challenge that I shared on my YouTube channel HERE. Make sure to like & subscribe to my channel to be notified of when I share the new moon readings.

2. If you’re not already a member, request to join our Facebook community, Surrender to Success HERE where I’ll be sharing the live new moon and full moon rituals.

3. Block off your calendar for April 28th – May 1st to allow for rest, recovery and reflection these days.  If you can, take off work these days, and at the very least get off of social media, and avoid making calls these days.

4. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 4th at 2:00pm ET when we will have a group follow-up call in my Zoom meeting room at to talk about what you experienced as a result of being more intentional of following these cycles.

5. Check out the moon calendar attached below and use it to map out your business plans for the month.

6. Start a regular meditation practice. If you’re not practiced at meditation, just go somewhere that you won’t be distracted like to your bedroom, lie down, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and be open to receive.  You can listen to one of the meditations I included below or just search on YouTube for ones that stand out to you.

Here are some of the meditations I recommend:

Meditation for Balance

Heart healing meditation

Self-love music

Enjoy and please email me back at if you have questions about any of this!