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1). Request to join our private Facebook Group here. This is where you can ask your questions throughout the course and find a partner to practice doing intuitive readings with!

If you decide to upgrade to one of our 1:1 coaching packages, the cost of this course will be credited to you if you sign up within the first month of joining our program! To learn more about this option, book a free call with Julie here.

2). Pick up a journal and some palo santo or sage from a local crystal shop.

Here are the topics we’ll focus on throughout the course:

Module 1: How to Quiet Your Mind Through Meditation

Module 2: How to Cleanse and Protect Your Energy

Module 3: How to Connect with Your Higher Self Through Automatic Writing

Module 4: How to Read Oracle Cards

Module 5: What it Means to be Psychic

Module 6: How to Strengthen Your Intuition

Module 7: How to Do Intuitive Readings for Others

Module 8: How to Use Crystals to Manifest Your Desires

Module 9: How to Start Your Own Intuitive Coaching Business

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