How to Know What to Price Your Offerings

Pricing… it’s something that many entrepreneurs flip-flop on… Am I charging too little? Am I charging too much? If no one is signing up, maybe if I drop my prices, I’ll get some new clients….” We’ve all fallen into this trap.

Yesterday I met with one of my friends who is a professional speaker to help me with my psychic entertainment and speaking fees and he asked me, “Why do you think some organizations pay someone $500/hour to speak while they pay others $17,000 for a 90-minute presentation?” “It’s because that’s what they ask for.” Many of us categorize ourselves as “beginners” but we’re really not. We’ve been doing these same skills and talents our whole lives, it’s just that we now charge for them.

If you are looking for support in pricing and marketing, I currently offer VIP coaching days where you can plan out a whole coaching program for your business all in one day and receive accountability and mindset support from me as you implement your program too. If this is something you’ve been wanting to do, fill out this form to get started.

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As a leading Life Coach in Maryland, Julie specializes in helping women simplify their lives to reclaim precious time and space, allowing for greater freedom and creativity. Her approach goes beyond traditional coaching methods. Through a blend of intuitive guidance and practical strategies, she empowers her clients to optimize their businesses while nurturing their holistic well-being. From streamlining business offerings to fostering personal growth, she is dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable success and happiness.

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Julie helps business owners break through to the next level of success in their businesses by helping them clear money blocks. She is a psychic medium, intuitive coach, and the international best-selling author of, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams.” In her book, she will walk you through the 4 step process that will help you declutter every area of your life so that you can clear the path to greater purpose and prosperity.