My Spiritual Awakening

Technically I believe that our spiritual journey begins the day we are born and that we choose our life circumstances along the way.  I went through much of my life thinking my role was to please everyone else before myself but now believe the opposite to be true and am on a mission to step more fully into who I am and to be unapologetically myself. 

My real awakening began back in 2015 when I was teaching elementary school children.  I loved being around the kids and always felt more joyful and alive around their energy but I began to feel suppressed creatively with an administration that seemed to be scrutinizing my every move.  I was told not to be different and just do what the other teachers were doing and nothing else.  I was feeling frustrated and stuck and more than anything just wanted to be home with my own kids who were 2 and 4 at the time.  That’s when the Universe shook things up for me…

I received a phone call on a cool morning in October from my son’s daycare teacher saying that things weren’t working out and that we’d have to find another childcare arrangement for him.  She said that he was crying for me all day and had tantrum after tantrum and they just couldn’t take it anymore.  I had just started a new school year and was a full-time 5th grade teacher at the time.  I had no idea what to do but knew in my heart that my son was calling for me.  We had a traumatic delivery with him when he was born.  He and I slipped out of consciousness on and off for hours and I told God that if he died then I wanted to go with him.  We’ve had a super strong connection ever since that fateful day when God said we both were going to live.  At only the age of 2, my son knew that I was unhappy at work and I knew that he was unhappy away from me.  So my husband and I made the decision that I would give my notice at work and stay home with the kids. 

I felt so free for the first time in as long as I could remember.  I felt like I could finally start living my life the way I wanted to.  After I gave my notice at work, I noticed that every time I looked at the clock it was 11:11 or 1:11.  I was seeing 1s everywhere….  When I saw them I felt chills throughout my body and intense feelings of love and anticipation as to what was coming next for me.  Without realizing it at the time, this was the start of my spiritual awakening.

I was home for about a month with my kids when I got a call from my friend saying that I should pursue my dream of starting my own photography business now that I had some more time to get it set up and that she knew just the program I should take to start making money right away.  After completing the course and launching my business, I made $1800 from a mini session sale only 3 months after starting my business which was the proof I needed to know that I could make this work long-term. 

Not only was photography proving to be lucrative for me, but the energy I felt when I was on a photo shoot lit me up in a way that I hadn’t felt before.  I felt completely aligned and in my flow maybe for the first time in my life which explains the meaning of my camera tattoo with the 11:11 under it symbolizing perfect alignment.

Photography still lights me up to this day and the more I do it, the more I realize how beneficial tapping into my intuition during my shoots is to be inspired to the best posing and lighting too.  I began visualizing the perfect shoot before I would go and would set the intention for my clients to feel a loving exchange of energy from me and to see themselves in love and light when they saw their final images.  It was powerful stuff and so much fun to play with as I would write down a number that came into my head before heading into a session reveal and then to have a client give me that exact amount in a check from their order was so much fun…

Then, I started acupuncture.  Acupuncture wasn’t something I ever thought I’d try but I had seen a noticeable difference in my husband after he did it so I knew there was something to it.  I found a practitioner who made me feel comfortable to share openly about my life experiences and the areas that needed healing.  During one of my treatments I even left my body…. I had asked God to take from me the traumas of my past and to remove them from me for good because I wasn’t sure how to remove them for myself.  I felt a rush of cold air around my legs and saw my legs lifting off the table in my mind’s eye.  What I felt next was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my life.  It felt as though God himself was hugging me and I felt the biggest rush of love and adrenaline I’ve ever felt.  I knew where I was and also knew that I was coming back to my body.  I came back down and told my practitioner what had happened.  He was so open in accepting this and made me feel special rather than strange for claiming to have had such an experience.

Next I began exploring tarot cards, oracle cards, crystals, and couldn’t get enough of acupuncture and crystal healing sessions too.  I began feeling and experiencing Spirit in a whole new way and was getting woken up in the evenings by my Spirit Guides who were telling me that it was time for me to build a spiritual online business and to start guiding others who were awakening too.  I signed up for a Mediumship course and in my very first practice session I was able to read our teacher and send her a message from her departed father that had her in tears.  I was shocked at how easily this information came to me and decided to put myself out there and offer readings to others too.  It was so humbling to be trusted not only by the clients that hired me but also by their Spirit Guides who trusted me to deliver their messages with love and with the intent for healing too.

Today I am on a mission to help others who are also awakening to know that it’s safe for them to be seen and to be heard too. To get started, fill out this form.

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As a leading Life Coach in Maryland, Julie specializes in helping women simplify their lives to reclaim precious time and space, allowing for greater freedom and creativity. Her approach goes beyond traditional coaching methods. Through a blend of intuitive guidance and practical strategies, she empowers her clients to optimize their businesses while nurturing their holistic well-being. From streamlining business offerings to fostering personal growth, she is dedicated to helping you achieve sustainable success and happiness.

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