Money Manifestation Course

Money Intensive: Online Program

If you’re wanting to clean up your money mindset and welcome in more cash with ease, you’ll want to check out our Money Intensive program!

This is an entry level, self-paced online program for anyone wanting to clear money blocks so that you can allow a lot more of it to flow in without having to work so hard to get it or keep it!

For a sneak peek into Money Intensive, here are the topics of the modules and the welcome video so you’ll know what to expect!

Module 1: Release the limiting belief that, “Making money is hard.”

Module 2: Release the limiting belief that, “It’s lonely at the top.”

Module 3: Release the desire to compare yourself and the speed of your progress to others.

Module 4: Reexamine the boundaries you’ve set and make a new agreement with yourself for what you are and are no longer available for.

Module 5: Release past judgements and resentments.

Module 6: Return to a sense of balance within yourself.

Upon enrolling in our program you will receive:

Video modules to work through at your own pace

Julie’s full meditation library that you can revisit as many times as you’d like

Access to our private Facebook group where you will receive the support from our community.

The cost of this program is $497 paid in full or 2 monthly payments of $297 if you select the payment plan option.

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As a bonus after purchasing this course, you’ll also get our Money Breakthrough Guide which includes a 5 day guide which will take you through journaling exercises and meditations to help reveal what is holding you back from obtaining the financial freedom you desire.   You will also learn how to be more in sync with the energies of the moon so that you’ll be more of aware of when it’s time to rest and reset internally and when is the best time to launch that new offering for your business.

Check out some of the results my clients have had with this program below!


Since taking the money intensive program, our inquiries have been massive…I’m booking weddings like crazy and am just shocked right now. It happened so easily the second I truly let go and accepted that it would happen. Next year we will take in $450,000 and it’s all because of you, Julie Goetzinger!!!

MacKenzie Bates

After doing the very first journaling prompt in the money intensive program, I bawled and realized I had a huge trigger related to money. I finished the journaling, calmed myself, picked up the phone and BOOKED MY DREAM CLIENT!!! Thank you to Julie and this program!!!”

Ellie Kay

While working through the money intensive program, I pre-sold my HIGHEST COLLECTION!!! Before I took this program, I had a limiting belief that I was taking people’s hard earned money and who was I to do such a thing…Now I realize that they have a choice and they chose me. I now feel honored, blessed and worthy of their choice. I’m so grateful for this course and change in mindset!”

Paige Bergeron

I started the money intensive program at the beginning of September and wrote in my journal that I would have a $25,000 month. I ended the month at nearly $37,000, the HIGHEST MONTH EVER in my business. And this time it felt EASY and I didn’t feel overwhelmed or overworked. For anyone who thinks it’s not possible, I promise it is, you are worthy and deserving of success!”

Taylor Shawley

The idea that you can’t receive more money than your salary is a false notion. If that statement makes you angry or uncomfortable that probably says more about your limiting beliefs and blocks around money than you being annoyed I brought it up. The Universe is filled with abundance for you and you should lean into those feelings of gratitude. Money manifestation is a powerful tool that you can use! We manifested $45,000 in 40 days by taking Julie’s money intensive program. Julie is an amazing coach and mentor and don’t have to be a business owner to benefit from it, either!”

Kierra Jones, Boudoir Portrait Photographer

The money intensive program allowed me to analyze my relationship with money and associated perceptions. Julie’s workshop provided guidance and challenged me to look within myself to identify the reasons for my negative attitude towards money. We worked together to heal my mental wounds and remove the roadblocks. Julie gave me the tools to forgive myself and heal my heart. This workshop has given me a new focus to believe in me, invest in me and invite unlimited abundance. If you want a change, I highly recommend investing in yourself, your growth and taking this course. You will then watch yourself BLOSSOM and your money GROW!“

Michelle Green