Intuitive Life Coaching

As an Intuitive Life Coach based in Maryland and Virginia, I am dedicated to empowering women to simplify their lives, creating abundant space and time freedom. I can also help you find the best places in the world to work, live, or find love based on your birth chart and Astrocartography map that I can interpret for you during a private session over Zoom.

My services encompass personalized life coaching sessions, personal intuitive readings, birth chart readings, Astrocartography readings, business coaching, and transformative retreat experiences, tailored for women who yearn for simplicity and balance. Catering predominantly to female entrepreneurs, I specialize in guiding individuals towards streamlining their business endeavors and schedules, fostering precious downtime for personal rejuvenation, and nurturing their creative passions. Whether you’re searching for a life coach or a business coach in MD or VA, I am here to support you on your journey. I also meet virtually with clients if you are located out of state or outside the U.S.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching includes a combination of personal sessions over Zoom, direct message support in between sessions, and our Relax to Receive Retreat. Packages start at $4900 for 3 months of support and you can apply for Life Coaching by filling out this form. Payment plans are available.

Another option would be to start with a personal intuitive reading, birth chart reading, or Astrocartography reading and then you can apply the cost paid towards your life coaching package should you choose to continue with the 1:1 life coaching sessions.

Personal Intuitive Readings

During your Personal Intuitive Reading, Julie will share messages from your Spirit Guides regarding how to know if you’re on the right path to fulfilling your purpose, how to welcome greater abundance into your life, and how to clear any blocks standing in your way at this time. You’re also welcome to bring with you any additional questions you have for your guides. These sessions will be held over Zoom and are 60 minutes in length. You will receive a recording after your session.

The cost of a 60-minute Personal Intuitive Reading is $300 and you can book your session here.

The cost of a 30-minute Personal Intuitive Reading is $150 and you can book your session here.

Birth Chart Readings

By looking at your birth chart, I can help you to determine the best career path for you, how to navigate challenges in relationships and how to better understand why you are the way you are so that you can grow in self-acceptance and release any negative views you have of yourself.

To do a birth chart reading, you will need to know the city and state you were born in along with the exact birth time. You can find this information on your birth chart, by contacting the hospital where you were born or I can refer you to someone to do a chart rectification for you before we do your reading.

Birth chart readings are 60 minutes in length and are held over Zoom and recorded.

The cost of your birth chart reading is $347 and you can book your session here.

Astrocartography readings are coming this summer! Astrocartography involves the energy of location. Depending on where you are in the world, the energy of the location will greatly impact all areas of your life, so with an Astrocartography reading I’ll be able to tell you where the best places will be for you to work, live, play, and fall in love.

Astrocartography readings are 60 minutes in length and are held over Zoom and recorded.

The cost of your Astrocartography reading is $347 and you can get on the wait list by emailing me at with the subject line, “Astocartography waitlist.”

Private Parties

In addition to private coaching sessions, I offer exclusive Ladies’ Nights with Intuitive Readings, held in the comfort of your own home or a rented space within the DMV area (Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia). For those residing out of state, virtual readings are also available.

Immerse yourself in an evening of spiritual insight and connection with group intuitive readings, followed by a Q&A session aimed at nurturing and enhancing your own intuitive abilities. Private party packages start at $500, offering 60 minutes of enlightening readings and an additional 30 minutes dedicated to expanding your intuition further.

Experience the transformative power of intuitive guidance and community support. Fill out this form to schedule your personalized Ladies’ Night or virtual reading session.

Check out this sneak peek from our Ladies’ Night with Intuitive Readings!


Loved working with Julie…. Her gentle, caring and supportive nature truly complemented her skills and knowledge to empower and guide me to create a life that I truly desired for myself, my kids and my fur babies. As I moved from one end of Australia to the other, Julie was my companion who I got to check in with and who helped me to stay focused, grounded and playful. This allowed me to continually tap into my inner wisdom, the divine and my guides to live my life with freedom following where I was being led in all areas of my life. Thanks so much Julie for being on the journey with me and my family.”

Pauline Duncan

For months I had been under a lot of stress, and just not feeling myself. It had gotten to the point where everyone in my life was starting to notice and were expressing concern. I had a headache for over three months that just wouldn’t go away. I tried so many things trying to get my “zen” back. But I just couldn’t find it. It felt like whatever it was that made me “me” was gone and all that was left was this anxiety-ridden shell of my old self. I first met Julie as a speaker at my networking group. She brought crystals with her to purify the area as she spoke. I picked up one of the crystals after her talk to help her pack up, and for the first time in three months, my headache disappeared. A few weeks later, I attended one of her psychic shows. When it was my turn to ask a question, I asked her how to get my “zen” back. I honestly can’t even remember exactly what she told me, but I know my soul heard her. The next day, not only did I wake up with no headache, I felt for the first time in a long time like “me”. I am still dealing with a tremendous amount of stress while various threads in my life play out, but my soul feels at peace finally, and I have my “zen” back. Thank you, Julie!” 

Monica Wack

I met Julie for the first time recently. It’s like a medium and energetic life coach came into my life. I really needed guidance on my life’s purpose. I highly recommend her and I’m so happy I’m making the strides to do something I’m truly passionate about.”

Margaret Clark

I had a private session with Julie, and it was so reassuring, accurate, and mind-blowing at the same time! We’ve never met before, but in the first few minutes of chatting, she felt like a best friend. She described my personality perfectly, she identified the areas of my life where I’m struggling and why I’m struggling with them, and we talked about where she sees my life path going. I left our call with confirmation on some things, having my eyes opened to other opportunities in the future, and just feeling an overall sense of calm, hope, and confidence!”

Kristina Hart

Julie is amazing! I had a private session with her and she helped me through a difficult time by relaying messages from my spirit guides and informing me I’ve been repeating this pattern for many lifetimes. I felt very reassured after her call, and I still think about it almost every day, and this call was probably 5 months ago. I will definitely be using her again.”

Molly Kelly

The sense of freedom that I feel after working with Julie is incredible. Julie is truly a light of wisdom, love and transformation for everyone she comes into contact with. I am beyond blessed to be on the receiving end of her love and guidance. Thank you for sharing your gifts Julie!”

Crystal McGowan

I had my first private session today with Julie and let me tell you, I was just blown away. I had no words. She told me she meditated and pulled some cards before calling me and she explained the cards and it resonated with me to the T!! As she was reading and explaining, I was thinking to myself ‘how does she know this. I haven’t told her anything yet?!’ She answered all my questions within the first 10 minutes without me even asking my questions I had written down! Lol It’s amazing, she’s amazing! I feel so much better, like a weight has been lifted. I’m at ease and so happy I went through with this. I highly recommend you do a session with her and if you’re hesitant.. just do it!! You will not regret it!! Thank you soo much Julie!!”

Sophia Lo