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Episode 35 – Multiple Streams of Revenue

Adding Variety in Business

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In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

  • How creating multiple streams of revenue can boost your business
  • How to stay organized once you have multiple streams of revenue set up
  • How to track your goals each month
  • Which marketing activities can work best to reach your goals

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About Julie Goetzinger:

Julie Goetzinger is a psychic medium, best-selling author and coach who teaches how to make more money and impact without sacrificing your well-being. In her book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams,” she shares her story of how she created abundance by stepping into her true self as an artist and spiritual medium. She is the creator of Free to Fly and has seven years of experience in business as an entrepreneur.

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Adding Variety in Business

Craving for Variety

One of the most common things that I hear from flow creative clients is that they are bored, and that it feels like they just do the same thing. Photoshoot after photoshoot, and they’re like, money’s coming in. Getting clients is not a problem, but I feel uninspired, and I totally relate to that feeling, like you’re going through the emotions, you’re doing it and you feel like you should be grateful; like you should be happy with what you have. You’ve worked so hard to build this beautiful business. You have clients coming in, and it’s like, Why am I not happy? Why does feeling grateful feel like hard work? Why is it hard to sit down and just appreciate everything that’s come my way? And the reason is because you’re feeling uninspired. 

You’re feeling that lack of motivation because as creatives, we crave a variety. We crave for new projects. No, we just wanna do things differently. Like to try things to spice it up, add in a different set for your bir shoots, or can you go to a new location for your photoshoots outside? Of course you can.  What I found is that for me, that is not enough. I like to have my hand in multiple projects, and it’s something that I’ve jokingly said as a Gemini, that I can’t just do one thing. I’m the sign of the twins, and Geminis are very creative, free spirits people. We like to do a lot of different things. 

Often in the business world, we’re told to pick a lane and the rich are in the niche. Is that true? Absolutely. Are you having fun? Because it’s not just about the money coming in, because if you are making the money, the business is moving smoothly and you’re not fulfilled, what good is that? 

Like we’re here to have fun. We’re here to enjoy our lives. So something that I’ve given myself permission to do is to have more than one project, and it feels like different businesses, but it’s all under the same business, Julie Goetzinger, LLC. But I definitely have different lanes and I wanna share with you my process that has helped me to revamp my motivation and my business with hopes that maybe some of these ideas would help you as well. 

I actually teach a workshop to photographers called Multiple Streams of Revenue for Photographers. If that interests you, you’ll find a link within my website to join in. Basically, it’s all about multiple streams, like different ways that the money can come in and also different ways to feel more inspired. What I did was I created a chart for myself since I’m a former elementary school teacher so I love making things like whiteboards. It’s fun to check them. So what I did was I made a little whiteboard, and basically it has this month’s goal, for example now is October, 2022 and this will most likely be published in November or December, just change the specific month that you’re in. I’ve broken down my business into three categories: I have speaking, I have photography, and I have coaching. So my goal is to book two photoshoots every month, and I have my photo shoots at the top. For me, it doesn’t matter if I actually do the photoshoot in that month, but my goal is to book at least two photoshoots for a month. 

And then my next goal is to book at least two VIP coaching days. This is when I sit down with my photographers and I teach them how to build their own programs for monthly reoccurring income, how to host retreats, and how to add online passive income to their business. So my goal is to book two of those per month. 

Then I also have my retreats, I do retreats per year, two abundance breakthrough retreats. I clearly Like number two, Gemini twins, Just an interesting thing that I notice. So my goal is to book at least two spots every month for my retreats and then I have one entertainment event. Since I am a psychic medium as well, I like to do in-person events. I like to do corporate events. I like to do weddings and speaking engagements. My goal is to book at least one of those per month. So I just created little circles with different categories and I get to check them off as I complete them. 

The Best Marketing Activities

I also have a section in my chart for my marketing activities, because how am I going to reach these goals? Well, through marketing. I talk a lot more about marketing at my Abundance Breakthrough retreat to tailor the marketing towards you and what feels fun and good for you to do. 

I just had someone ask me yesterday at a PPA event that is a photographer’s association group. She sad, “I’m not new to photography,” she actually worked for someone else and was in journalism. She’s a very skilled practice photographer, and she said, “I need to learn all the marketing pieces to attract portrait clients as for my business that I just started.” She is under the impression that she needs to learn all things and learn them all right now, of course. She is like, “I don’t understand keywords. I don’t know how to make reels. I don’t know how to do Youtube.” And my guidance to her was one step at a time and to really tune in to what feels best to you. What’s your favorite way to show up? For me personally, it is video. I love speaking. 

It feels good. It feels natural. It feels authentic and comfortable for me. So what I do is I shoot my videos, I shoot for my podcast and my Youtube channel, and then I repurpose that content and put it all over social media. My VA does it and then transcribes it and puts it onto the blog and adds it to my email marketing campaigns. And to me that is so efficient because I get to show up the way I really want to show up that feels best for me, which is speaking and through video. That is my primary marketing activity. And then all the other things they did, it did get done. It gets spread out into the world through social media, through email, and it’s not me splitting my energy and physically doing all those things. 

We repurpose content. That’s something we go into deeper at my Abundance Breakthrough Retreat, how to really tune in to what is your special sauce, what is going to help people to really understand what it is that you do and how you can help them as well. So for me my marketing materials or my marketing activities are to send a weekly email. I send email newsletters. I like to make it fun by doing a weekly message from Spirit, and then I’ll add something about a workshop or a retreat that’s coming up. But I always want to entertain, I want to inspire, and I want to educate. So it’s not just me promoting things all the time. There are plenty of people out there that they only reach out to you when they want something from you. 

One of my coaches calls it a booty call. Through email, if you don’t hear from someone for months on end and then suddenly they have an event coming up and you hear them nonstop like that week, that’s a booty call, because they want you to sign up for their event. Whereas if you make it more consistent and you add value to their lives in some way, you make it fun for them, you inspire them, you educate them, then they’re gonna be much more likely to want to come to your event because they know who the hell you are. 

Next thing is Youtube. I like to do a weekly Youtube and it might sound like a lot for you, but I have a lot of energy. I’m a very high energy person. I’m again a Gemini, I’m a communicator. I like to make videos, I like to write, and I like to speak. So, if this sounds like a lot to you, you just pick and choose what feels good to you. I do a weekly Youtube video, although it is recommended to do a video every single day if you’re using Youtube as your strategy. Well, that is not my primary strategy, it’s just one of my strategies, so I do it once a week, sometimes twice a week, because that feels good. I also have a podcast, and I publish two podcasts every month and I have a virtual workshop, my multiple stream of revenue for photographers. Then I also am starting to do spiritual workshops in person at yoga studios in where I live. I track how many networking events I attend. Networking is a really powerful way to grow your business and also to make new friends, to make new connections. People work with tho they like and trust, and if they don’t know you and they’ve never met you in person or they’ve never seen your face, they’re not gonna be very likely to recommend you. 

I’ve been asking the universe for more word of mouth referrals. I love working with someone, like from one night, in-person sales meeting with one of my high school seniors and her family, I said, “I wanna clone you all and I’d like to work with more people just like you.” Like they’re very easy going, fun, appreciative, and happy. The girl was gorgeous, it’s not that it’s a priority, but it did make it easier in editing. I didn’t have to retouch any skin I was like, “you are what I would like more of. Please, send me people who are just like you.” And she did, they sent their best friends, and then they sent me a boy next. 

You know that word of mouth referral is really powerful. So really the best marketing you can do is do a really good job for your clients. Show up fully for your clients. Be completely present with them, not having your mind elsewhere. What do I need to do next? Where else do I need to go?

But full presence is your greatest gift. And last night, I sold one of my photography collections. We sat and talked and I have no agenda. I am blessed that my ex-husband has my children half of the time, and so I feel zero guilt about working as late as I want to, and I can be fully present with people and I don’t book anything afterwards so that I can be fully present with them. And they feel that, and desire that too. People desire connections, and not having an agenda for somewhere you need to run off to after. Such a gift to people, especially for moms. Like this one time with a mom, she was just like talking and talking and was so happy. I was like, this is fun. I can’t believe I get paid for this. She’s like, “Oh you need to, you know, head out,” and I’m like, I’m good, I’m happy. I’m enjoying our conversation. It just feels good to connect with people and not have somewhere else to rush off to afterwards. A full presence is your greatest gift you can give to anyone. 

Something else I do to keep track of making sure I don’t drop any balls throughout, and since I do have three businesses: the coaching, the speaking and the photography, they all of course branch into different areas as well. I like to have checklists. A whiteboard, specific for my photography clients, a workflow to make sure I don’t drop the balls. I go down from the very first phone call, all the way to delivering their final products, and I make sure I don’t miss those steps. I have templates for everything, and it just helps to keep me track, keep me organized. And I feel better than ever. When I was a coach, I was fully committed to my, especially my free of life program because it’s a yearlong mastermind program. I poured all of my energy into that program and what I found was that I did not put enough energy into the front end of that. So that would be attracting people to come into that program next. I had 15 clients in that program for a year. I served them so fully that I was not paying attention to the front end the way I know I need to now, which was another reason why I set up multiple streams of income because I also have a book.

I did that because I learned that you can’t just put, for me anyway, put all your energy into one thing because what if one thing happens that shifts that thing that you can no longer do? We all saw that during the Covid lockdown. Our photographers, we could not do the photography. People started doing those front stoop pictures for free just to give back to the community, but many of them had to or go to apply for unemployment and PPA loans and all those beautiful things. You never know when things are going to shift and change in our world, that there could be a stream that gets cut off completely. 

I know a photographer who went blind. She had a stroke and went blind in one eye. She could no longer do photography. So you never know what’s going to happen. It’s always good to have multiple streams of income, which is what I’m all about, whatI’ve done for my own business, and what I’m now teaching other photographers to do as well. 

You can book a complimentary call with me just to talk about this. To see if this is something that you’d like to do for you business, and if you’d like help implementing that, I can certainly help to do that with you.