Episode 11 – Breakthrough Retreats

How I Discovered The Retreat Business Model 

My first business was in portrait photography. And when COVID came, I was forced to close down temporarily because we couldn’t do in-person work. I started brainstorming and thinking about what I wanted to do and I was scared and wasn’t sure what to do. And then I called my psychic, Patty Kemp, and she said that it was time to start offering readings that I’m actually quite intuitive and a medium. And my spirit guides were waiting for me to open up and realize how gifted I am. I kind of, you know, had an inkling that I was, people had been coming to me for advice pretty much my whole life and I thought I just gave good advice, but people would always say, Julie, you always make me feel better. Like, so good. You’re so wise. And I realized that it wasn’t just me. It was me as an energetic, medium being able to tap into their energy field without even trying to, it’s just something that I can just do.

I would receive messages from their spirit guides who wanted them to go in a certain direction. So I started offering these intuitive readings and I quickly got super busy. I was doing a lot of one-on-one readings over the phone. Every time I checked my email, there was a new booking. I was just like inundated and while it was fun at the time I was thinking about separating from my partner and didn’t have enough money to support my children. So having all the money come in from the intuitive readings was a huge blessing. And it was also overwhelming because there were so many of them and I was doing so much energy work, which is what readings are. And I was thinking about what could I do to help more people in a bigger way.

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Why Did I Choose To Become A Money Mindset Coach

One of my friends reached out to me and she said, Julie, there is this speaker, Michelle Villalobos. And she is, she reminds me of you. Like she’s intuitive. She’s fun. She’s inspiring. And she was like, I can see you hosting retreats as she does. I know you were mentioning that you’re interested in hosting a retreat. You should reach out to Michelle. So I reached out to Michelle and I ended up joining her Superstar Breakthrough retreat, and it was incredible. Then, I saw how she was able to do these retreats all virtually and at the time it was during COVID and she had hosted in-person events and she’s a professional speaker and spoke at many events. And she shifted when COVID happened to do virtual retreat. So the retreat I attended with her was virtual and I was actually kind of shocked at how close I felt to her community. After this one retreat, it was a three-day immersive experience. And it kind of reminds me of like a sorority. Like they choose people that they feel are aligned with their culture and their community. And she said that they had their eye on me. They were like, oh, Julie, like, there’s something different about her. There’s something that we want her to be in our community and I did share that I was intuitive and she said they were intrigued by that. And I started talking about money and she said, you’d be an amazing money mindset coach, your spiritual and you approach sales from a different perspective. I think maybe consider calling yourself an intuitive money mindset coach. And I was just like, oh, wow. Like, okay. And at the end of this retreat experience. It opened up a lot of opportunities for me, cuz I was seeing how I too could lead a retreat like that. And with this newfound title of intuitive money mindset coach was like, you know, I’m gonna try this out.

So, what I did was I reached out to a couple of people that intuitively I felt drawn to, and I just reached out to them. I told them that there was a project I was working on. Can we set up a time to talk about it? And to my surprise, they, most of ’em said yes, like let’s talk. And these were photographers. So I’ve already been connected to the photography industry as a photographer myself. And I talked with them and I told them my vision for this retreat. I told them that I just wanted to come together in sisterhood with fellow creatives and I wanted to support each other. I wanted to show each other that we don’t have to do this alone.

The Value of Having A Supportive Community

I learned that we’re not meant to do this alone. We’re meant to do this stronger in numbers. As we come together and as we call in those so aligned partners and co-creators, we just become stronger and stronger. And we today in my free to fly. So my community is called free to fly. Because it’s all about freeing yourself from limiting beliefs, freeing yourself from past trauma, freeing yourself from what you, you thought in the past was possible for you, freeing yourself from any limitations and in our free to fly call today, we were talking about our business goals and mapping out our business goals for 2022. And I had everybody share their claims and their goals and the projects that they were going to commit to implementing this quarter. And one of my members said, you know, now that I hear all these goals and how specific they are and the numbers, and, she was like, I wanna really get in there.

I wanna not be afraid toask for more. I don’t wanna be afraid to get specific, and know that’s not cutting me off from what the universe wants to deliver. I’m still gonna leave space for the magic and for things to UN the way they’re meant to unfold. But I wanna ask for more and it was that when we sit down ourselves to map out our goals if we ever do, it’s not as powerful as if we do it with a group. And if we claim it in front of a group and if we hold each other accountable for those claims. 

I’m starting year two of leading my free to fly community. And I’ve seen the tremendous growth that everybody has had in, and not just the growth in business, but the joy that I see that is my biggest reward. Like it is so rewarding to see the friendships forming, to see the bonds deepening, to hear people say, you know, I’ve never told anybody this, but I feel like I’m safe to say that to me is the greatest gift is what I’m doing. That is my mission. My vision, of it is to create that safe space for people to be fully expressed

My Vision

I even had this thought yesterday that if we were all fully expressed, would there even need wouldn’t it even be a need for money anymore? Because money is like, it’s a form of exchange. It’s just an energy exchange. I give you the money. You provide this service for me. You give me this product. What if we all were fully expressed, fully expressing our gifts, doing what we were given by God, universe source, whatever you wanna call it, using our God, given talents to the fullest, what would that world look like? If we all believed in ourselves, if we all trusted ourselves, if we came together as a community, what would that look like? And that is my vision. My vision is seeing more and more people opening their eyes and seeing their value, worth, gifts, and fully expressing them, not fearing what anyone else thinks, not what their parents are gonna think. Not what their friends are gonna think, not what their current clients are gonna think, but just trusting themselves and fully stepping into their power and their gifts. What would that look like? And to build a community of more and more people who believe in that vision too, who see themselves as that potential leader who maybe wanna host their own retreats.

I’m paying it forward by creating my own community, by having my own community of people who are there for each other through it all. And we all say like, there’s nothing off the table. There’s nothing you can’t share here. There’s nothing you will be condemned for judged for dismissed for no, this is a nest. This is your safe space to come to be nurtured, to be loved. And then you can fly. That is my vision. And that is what I’m creating with my community. And this vision starts with the abundance breakthrough retreat and the abundance breakthrough retreat is when we do come together, either virtually or in person.