Episode 18 – Empowering Women Through Boudoir Photography with Shay Perna

Limiting Beliefs That Stop Women From Seeing Themselves As Worthy Of Even Doing A Photo Shoot 

I hear a lot of, I need to lose weight. I’m too old, I wanted to do that for years, but you know, at this point, like it’s too late for me. I’m a mom, I can’t spend that kind of money on myself. I put everybody before myself. So, there’s no time to come in. I’ve heard that too. So, but it’s so rewarding when they actually do come in. They’re like, oh, and then they show up differently in their lives and it. Oh, okay. Like I needed to invest in myself first. Yes. And then like, I got all the benefits and I’m different with my kids. I show up differently in my work. I’m different when I’m with my partner. Beautiful. Love 

I love the process that I do with my clients. Sometimes I get to talk to them before they shoot, like in depth. Most of the time it’s there. I want to really get to know them and maybe they might not say, this is the problem. And sometimes they don’t even know like right there is a problem, but just through like that conversation and they’re so open with me, they just trust me. So I’m just like, I know I need to provide that safe place so that we if we need to talk before the shoot like I’m gonna talk to you. Cause I have had people that were abused and whatnot come in and it’s just. We’re not in a rush. Let’s talk like if we pull out the camera like great like we are gonna pull out the camera at some point, but I’m like, you know, this is for you really like reassuring them. This is my body. Yes. This experience is for me. Yes. Like everybody that comes to me, this experience is for them. Like, it might also be like a gift for someone else, but my clients are like, I want this experience. I wanna connect with myself. 

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Why Self-Love Is So Important?

How we view ourselves affects how we interact with every person that we come in contact with how we interact with the world around us, our kids, and how we show up in our businesses. So I feel like it’s just so important. Like it starts with you first. Like if you can love yourself and you have that positive self-image and that confidence, you’re gonna feel unstoppable. 

The Impact of Abundance Breakthrough Retreat 

I was just ready just for a change. I was like, I don’t wanna be going through the motions. Like I see where I wanna go or have an idea of where I wanna go. And I’m like, I’m not getting there by myself or I’m like going too slow by myself. My business has really like taken off and now I’m like, yay. Like I was in that grind of like, okay, you gotta growth of the business. Like my head down, like business, business business. And like, I’ve got two kids. Like I was like, oh, I’m missing so many things. Like I’m still there, but it’s just missing out on so many things. Like I’m not getting to be present. That was so important. Like, my family’s so important to me and I’m like, I’m building this business so I can have that freedom. But at the same time, you almost feel shacked to the business. But now I feel like, I have that freedom. Like I’m not shackled to it. As I’ve grown, I don’t think before I would’ve been in a place I could get help. I was like, I can do everything. So I should do everything. Like, why am I gonna pay somebody to help me with my marketing or help me with my social media, I can do everything. And I was like spreading myself so thin and it was like coming back to that self-worth. 

As for the changes, I wanna go back to the retreat a little bit, while I was there like, there were things that I thought I had dealt with and the realization wasn’t. Nope. Because it was still showing up like in my life, in different areas. So, That is so important just to like head on, not be afraid to look at the past and see if it’s holding you back. I’m so excited to take this leadership role yes. Just to help other people do the same in this setting that you have created, like this safe space.