Episode 22 – “You’re Too Much”

Don’t Listen To People Who Are Telling You That You’re Too Much

When I started my own business, when I became an intuitive coach and started to go through the projects pretty quickly not wanna say, go through them, but I accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. I hosted, I don’t even know how many retreats, eight retreats over two year span. I hosted a mastermind program that meets every week. I started a podcast. I hosted a summit, coaching it. I’ve done a lot in two years and I’ve done it because I’m hungry for creation because I love to create, I have excess creative energy that wants to be channeled somewhere. So I channel it towards creation of products, the creation of new titles, for things and workbooks, and all those things I like to do. And now that I’ve created a lot in a short amount of time. Now I’m hearing from people you’re too much. You’re annoying. Your  fast growth is annoying.  Stop it. And I know that’s not a reflection of me. That’s about them not allowing themselves to create what they wanna create. So they wanna point fingers at me and say, you’re too much, or you need to slow down cuz it’s making me uncomfortable. 

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Why Do Some Women Bring Other Women Down?

Now I’m at the point where I wanna help others, who also have been told that they’re too much, who’ve been told to quiet down, who’s been told not to raise a fuss. Cause I don’t believe that we’re here to be quiet. I don’t believe we’re here to be pushed aside and to be told to tone down. And I see this even more amongst like females. I have never had a man tell me I was too much. I’ve been praised for that. Like you’re bright, you’re beautiful. You stand out, you’re successful. Like that’s great, it’s from the females in my life that I have gotten the criticism and maybe part of it is, because females are being taught to be quiet, to do what they’re told, and to be submissive. And when we don’t fall in line with that and other women also long to be free to express themselves freely, to be seen as free. They don’t allow themselves to do that. And they see you doing that. That’s where they place that shame; don’t do that.

Get Louder!

I see my role as someone who’s gonna keep putting myself out there. I’m gonna get louder instead of quieter. I’m gonna get brighter instead of dimmer. I’m gonna help support those women who also feel that desire to just come out like just to let yourself be seen and heard and experienced and enjoyed and criticized because it does come with. no one puts themselves out there, someone who doesn’t receive judgment and criticism, but it’s about coming to that place of knowing that it has nothing to do with you, but everything to do with the other person and what they think is capable for themselves. And I’ve also seen in my experience that when you move too quickly and others can’t keep up, they get offended by that. Sometimes either they’re inspired or they’re offended. They’re inspired if they believe that that’s possible for them too. They’re offended if they want that and haven’t allowed themselves to figure it out yet, or haven’t allowed themselves to be that yet. Then that’s when the criticism and the judgment comes. But it’s also about getting ourselves into that strong place of like, you can say what you want. You can throw shade, that’s what they say on TV but it’s like, I’m here and I’m gonna be seen and I’m going to inspire.

Make Yourself Uncomfortable 

I invite other women to also make people uncomfortable. Make yourself uncomfortable. When you challenge yourself to deepen your learning, you challenge yourself to put yourself in new environments, with new people and new places. It is uncomfortable. And that’s where the growth comes from. And I tell my clients like I’m not here to make you comfortable. If you were comfortable, you would never grow. You would never step into that higher version of yourself. Birth is not comfortable when the baby comes out. It is an ugly, like terrifying scene. It’s traumatic. But then on the other side is the piece is the joy is the new exploration and is what we came here to experience. We came here to experience all of it.

So I really feel passionate about helping other women to open up more, to step more into their full power, to be who they came here to be, and to let go of all those stories of being too much, 

As my coach, Dr. Aaron Wilkerson says like, rather than seeing yourself as too much, what if you were curious about how much more is there, how much more expressive can you?  We came here to experience more, we didn’t come here to be in lack. We didn’t come here to be quieted. We didn’t come here to be less than to feel less than, we came here to be fully expressed. And when you are in your fullest expression, that is where your abundance lies. That’s it. It’s really simple. When you’re in your fullest expression, you are abundance. You are her now.