Episode 25 – Building a Team with Ayla Quellhorst

Healing Herself by Helping Other Women Heal

One of the biggest things for our studio, that’s really specific to us and that I feel like more of the industry should do and I know it’s complicated to do is we sit in hair and makeup for that hour and a half while my artist does hair and makeup. And we’re chit chatting with the client, kind of like you and I are here now. And I’m kind of reading the client and what she needs to talk about and what needing a friend is for, and becoming that friend that you can just kind of get that all out into. And it’s making me like see and realize that there are so many people who have kind of walked similar paths as us and sometimes we just need somebody who’s been there to just either give us advice because they’ve gotten past it. Like they’ve maybe in a different point than us, or like have somebody to just get it out to that. Maybe is not our significant other who we don’t, I don’t wanna process those feelings necessarily with, or we don’t wanna put that on our best friend. I can be that person that they can kind of express that outwardly too. And I think by seeing that I’m not alone, it’s really helped me heal too. And then it’s helped me be able to continue that process of helping others to heal as well. 

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Starting a Business from Scratch

One of the things I wanna start with is, many people I’ve had so many photographers tell me, I could do that if I had your team, but that’s not the case. You can’t put the chicken before the egg or the cart before the horse or whatever, you can’t do it in the wrong order. You have to be able to do everything yourself and then grow it as it grows. So I haven’t always had this team. 

The turning point for me was kind of my husband, Rob. I had an ex-husband and I became a single mom with an infant and had to protect her and had to do all of these things. And it kind of put me in this like shutdown mode, like I just wanted to, you know, get a job and pay the bills and like do whatever. And then my now husband Rob came along and he was really the supporting factor for me. So I found a partner who really supported me and I was going to college full-time and working a job. I pulled student loans to get our first studio space. Like he went in, he looked at spaces with me and we probably looked at seven different spaces and there was this one space. It was completely gutted in a historic building in our town. And I couldn’t get it outta my head for two weeks. And I was like, there’s just no way, like the rent for this space is more than the rent for my apartment. I don’t know if we can do it, but I can’t get it outta my head. And I have to pull the student loans to like furnish it and do all of the things. And he was like, do it. He wasn’t part of our team here at the studio at the time. Like, we will figure it out. And so that was kind of like, we didn’t have a choice moment. Like we had to do it because there was so much writing on it. So we did that and my makeup artist was contractor at the time. And Rob would just come in and he’d help with things here and there. As I needed them, we set up the studio space and it’s a picture and I have like in the background, him sweeping in one of the rooms, because we furnished the studio, spent the night at the studio, and then did a shoot the next day at night.

Write Out All of Your Tasks 

The best thing I found to do is to write out all of the tasks, like everything, all the little things you do for this studio, whether it be like answer emails or like the post to social media, doing whatever it is, file taxes, writing those all out and then figure out one, which ones do you love to do? And two, which ones make you? Because the things that make you money are the things that you need to be doing. So really my primary task, now that I am able to have a team, they really need to be shooting and selling. And I don’t like to sell, I’m not a sales person. I’m a very technical person. I want them to be guiding the client and finding what’s best for the client and what works for them and not worrying. Things are consistently to a point where we’re needing more help and that’s the best way I feel to grow, because then you’re not hiring at a point where you’re stressing about taking care of that person. 

You Have to Understand that the People in Your Life Will Change

The average of the five people you spend the most. And so as you grow, those people have to change either they have to grow with you, or they have to become new people. And so we had to realize that there were these people in our lives. And sometimes as this family too, which is really hard, they’re not gonna understand, like my family doesn’t understand that we had the ability to go on a cruise and pay for a suite on a cruise in LA last year. And so sometimes coming from that, from those families and such, it kinda puts you in a place where you have to understand that you need people who are more on that higher tier, like whatever tier you are on at that time. Our friends have totally changed and the friends that don’t get it and don’t understand. We’ve moved to friends who are like, yeah, like, why are you not doing that yet? But whatever it is. 

And sometimes it’s staff too, the staff see all this money coming in and then they see their paycheck and they don’t understand that. Like you have rents and you have contractors and you have outsourcing and you have insurance and you have taxes and you should be taking a CEO paycheck because you are the one. Yes. So you’re giving them what they could be paid. And you’re going to try and increase that pay for them, but they’re not seeing all, they’re just seeing one number and then they’re feeling like it’s not fair. You have to understand that you have to show them why. In order for me to pay you more, this is what you need to do, and then realizing how much more work that is. And then them saying, oh, now I get it right. I have to earn it. They have to be bringing in the money for that.