Episode 30 – Success On Your Own Terms

What Does Success Really Look Like?

What I’ve been hearing intuitively is that it’s time to simplify. It’s time to let go. It’s time to cut back. It’s time to really tune in and release things from our schedule that no longer bring us joy or bring us some kind of financial return or that serve in a higher way. And I had to start making some decisions. I had to start looking at my schedule and freeing myself. As I feel a desire to travel more and to be that speaker on stages in person, now that things are open again, you know, I feel that desire to go and travel and explore and be in front of big audiences. 

And one of the things that I came to was my podcast and it has been fun, and full disclosure when I said yes to doing it, I was also in the middle of writing my book Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams. I was hosting a retreat. I was planning an international retreat, doing one-on-one coaching, and taking on a lot, and I can now see where I have taken on too much and done things that I thought I was supposed to do to be successful and also to maintain that identity that I created for myself, amongst my peers and colleagues and my clients. And it was about moving quickly, doing a lot of things, having lots of accomplishments, and money clients, and then something funny happened, not funny at the time, but looking back, I know why the business actually slowed the more projects I had going, the more fires I had gone, the less money came in and I started to think, what will others think? I just released a book about manifestation. What will others think? If I am not swimming in the cash right now, I need to keep this quiet. I need to keep this on the downplay until it got to the point of, Wow. I need to look at this. I need to shift some things up and not just what I was doing, but how I was living my life. I realized that I’d been so busy chasing the next project or the next client, the money that I wasn’t giving myself any time to have fun, to be off to rest. And then I started thinking, what will they think? What will they think if I stop doing my podcast or if I stop hosting retreats, or if I stop doing these things that others have loved to do with me and have thanked me and you’ve helped me create all these changes and transformations in my life. But why am I here? Where am I meant to go next? How do I wanna live? What do I want my schedule to look like? I started asking myself these questions when I was in California and realized that it was time to redefine success

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When You’re Lost, Remember Why You’re Here

I started asking, what are you afraid of Julie? What are you afraid of? What else are you afraid of? What else are you afraid of? What else? What else? What else? I found myself in that animal instinct, like really in it. This is what we’re afraid of. This is what we’re afraid of this. What else, Julie, what else? I kept going and going deeper and deeper and deeper. Just like I do for my clients. I did that for myself. I gave myself that gift. I sat with myself in that pain. I felt the full range of emotions. I let it run through my body, Breathed it out, just like I’m doing right now. Took those breaths. I gave the sound to the breath. Until I came to that place of stillness, that place of peace. What am I meant to know here? Spirit that’s when I was able to ask, not from the place of desperation, tell me what to do, why isn’t this working, but then, from the place of, what am I ready to know now? Spirit. I started pulling Oracle cards for myself and the cards I pulled were don’t give up. You’re so close. Don’t you dare give up. I think one of the cards said actually two of the cards had the exact same message. Don’t you dare give up, like, what does that mean, spirit? What does that mean? Does that mean I need to keep doing all of these things? Does that mean I have to keep all of these balls in the air? Does that mean I have to do this and not have any time for myself? No. That’s not what that means. That means your devotion is being recognized. It means to remember why you’re here. You are that door opener. I had a visual of myself standing at the gates of heaven. Sounds ridiculous. But it’s true. I had a vision and I was standing there and what I heard was Julie, you’re not the show. You’re the door to the show, open the door, and let others see divinity. That’s your job. You simply open the door for who’s ready to see that’s your job here. 

Success On Your Own Terms

Success on your own terms is about letting go of needing anyone to do anything in response to what you just delivered. We’re used to success, looking like money, people signing up people coming right in business. That is what success looks like. People say. Did it work? What they want. What they’re asking is, did you make money from it? I decided to have a more empowering definition of success, and I actually downloaded this checklist, the middle of the night about how to reclaim our power around success. And it was all about, it has nothing to do with the other person. It’s about how devoted are you? Did you show up in full presence? Did you show up after having rested, fully taking good care of your body? Did you show up in full service with a desire to help improve someone’s life for the better? Was it fun? Did you enjoy doing it? Did it feel effortless? Did it feel like the time just went and you didn’t even notice the time because you were just in your flow? Yes. It’s a success. I came up with the affirmation. I am already and have always been successful. I am already and have always been successful. No more looking for validation outside of ourselves for success. I claim success.