Episode 33- Worthy

In this episode, Julie shares how our worth is not determined by how much money is in our bank account, how many people want to work with us/date us/ what our body looks like, etc. Our worth comes from our existence as the divine beings that we are.  It’s not what we do, it’s WHO we are.  So long as we define worth and success as something outside of ourselves that we can achieve, we will endlessly be searching for it.

In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

  • How to redefine worth and success
  • How to feel successful before the money comes/before the partner arrives
  • How to cultivate a greater sense of self-worth

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About Julie Goetzinger:

Julie Goetzinger is a psychic medium, best-selling author and coach who teaches how to make more money and impact without sacrificing your well-being. In her book, “Free to Fly: Manifest the Life of Your Dreams,” she shares her story of how she created abundance by stepping into her true self as an artist and spiritual medium. She is the creator of Free to Fly and has seven years of experience in business as an entrepreneur.

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Feeling Unworthy

This year has been a huge lesson to me in identity and defining myself by success, defining myself by how much money was in my account, and how many people wanted to work with me. And as people completed their contracts and moved forward, it felt like a not good job for me for helping them get where they needed to be. I took it as they don’t want to be with me anymore. I have no value to them anymore. That was the story I told myself, and it felt like heartbreak. It felt painful. And as the client started to move on and had some unforeseen things happen financially this year, my worthiness went down dramatically.

I started to think they don’t wanna be with me. I have nothing to offer. I’m done. I scheduled some connection calls with past clients who told me what’s happened since working with me, things I didn’t even know. One of them fell in love with her partner and now has two children with her.

And I was like, “How long has it been since we talked? You were single the last time we worked together.” And then another client was telling me about this huge surge in income that she’s had in her business and the money blocks that I help her to overcome. And then others, it was just so good to hear their voice and reconnect with them, and they reminded me of what I’ve already done. 

The lessons taught are invaluable to them, but for me, it just felt like loss. It felt like I was not good enough, and I started moving money around. I started getting resourceful and really reorganizing everything, scrutinizing every little payment that I was making. To be very mindful is something that serves my business. Is this working? And if it wasn’t, I let it go. So it gave me the opportunity to go through everything with a fine comb and to let go of things that weren’t joyful or that weren’t bringing a return to my business. So that was a great gift, but a shift happened for me. 

The other night at three o’clock in the morning, which is my hour when the spirit wakes me up. I heard very clearly, “You’ve been inauthentic, Julie. You’ve been inauthentic.” And I was like, “How? Like how am I being inauthentic?” And what I received was, “You need to claim who you are as a psychic medium and not shy away from it for fear of judgment. How others gonna receive you? How can you package yourself so that you’re accepted by more people, so that you can make more money, so that you can feel more loved, more accepted?”

And I was told very specifically, “You need to change this title. You need to own this. This is who you are. This is not a profession. This is your calling. This is your mission. You need to do this.” And I had started to shift to serve who I thought needed to be served in order to make money, in order to sustain myself and my family.

I was like, “Well, I need to teach business strategy. I need to do this. This is what people want.” And what happened was there was a disconnect and they were saying, “I don’t have time for another program. I don’t have time. I don’t have money for another education program right now.” And in my mind I was like, this isn’t an educational program. I miss psychic medium. I can connect to your loved ones. I can connect to your guides and your angels and help you step into your highest growth potential. This is not education, this is the mission and not just my mission, but their mission too. And I think that’s why. It was painful to hear people say, “I’m just not ready yet.”

Embracing the Authentic Self

I’m just not ready yet. But I’ve been saying that to myself. I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready to step into the full version of who I am. And at 3:00 AM, I changed my title to Psychic Medium, and I put it all over social media. I put it on my website and I’m like, “I’m just gonna accept that this is it. This is it.”

And I looked back in my life at the times that I did accept that and wrote about it in my book, claimed that as my own, and just shared it with the world, my abundance was there. And right after I reclaimed this title—this has been who I am in multiple lifetimes—I got the yes I’d been waiting for. Not just this yes on my house. It feels like a complete new lease on life, and I had started to feel the urgency around moving and it’s time to move. I keep hearing that it’s time to declutter, it’s time to shift. And I was like, “I don’t have that much stuff. I’m in an apartment. I’ll do that when I move.” I started to look around for some places to move and I was thinking, “I’m done with being in an apartment. I’m done having lots of neighbors.” 

I’m an empath. I feel every little thing. And being in an apartment has been very challenging for me for multiple reasons, but this is just not the way I want to live. This is not conducive to my lifestyle. And I started looking for other options. I saw this house, it was like a little cottage, and it’s by a lake. And I drove up with my daughter and she said, “Mommy, can we afford this? This is its own house.” And I said, “Well, actually, it’s less expensive than where we are now because I’m in a high-cost living area.” And she was like, “Wow, mom. It’s so beautiful.” And we hadn’t had a tour schedule yet, but I had my daughter’s approval, which is really important to me because she’s very in tune as well.

And we drove away and I was like, “I gotta move on this.” So, I set up a tour the next day with the owner. I walked in, and there’s a sage in the middle of his table and there’s crystals everywhere. And I was like, “What is this?” This is like a stage for me. Like I don’t meet many people who have all of this where I live and the east coast near Washington, DC. There’s not a lot of us that I’ve met personally that live here. And this man has this over his house and I’m talking to him, seeing all the things that we have in common, and I’m just like, “This is my house.” I started taking pictures of every room, like planning out where I’m gonna put everything. Meanwhile, I didn’t even fill out an application yet, but I knew it was my house.

And I drove away and all the fears, “What if he doesn’t pick me? What if my finances aren’t strong enough? What if he wants someone with two people’s income?” All the fears, all the doubt, the self-doubt, the worthiness that I’ve been struggling with all year, not feeling good enough, it came out to the forefront. The night that I decided to reclaim who I am and not to be fearful of the judgment that I may receive for saying or claiming or sharing that I am a psychic medium. The next morning I got the yes for the house. The excitement that I felt, knowing that this is where I’m going to step into that next highest version of myself as an entertainer, as a performer, and as someone who is ready to be seen and received by the masses. 

And feeling so called to performance, feeling called to big audiences, big crowds, I know that it’s going to happen when I’m in that house. And all of this happened after I said yes, and after I did some looking into the worthiness piece. When things are stripped away from us, we associate that with our worth, our money, our appearance, and who we’re in partner with. The other day I was thinking I’m not where I wanna be financially. I don’t have a partner right now. I don’t know where I’m gonna live. I don’t know what’s happening with my business. There were so many unknowns that I was just like in the depths of hell, in the depths of it, dark night of the soul. Like, I’m done. Done with all of this, and I don’t deserve this because I’ve worked so hard to get where I am.

And meanwhile, the outside world is telling me, “You’re amazing. You’re so inspiring. You’ve changed my life. We’re so appreciative of you.” I can hear that all day long, but until I know it and I feel it within, it means nothing.

Not needing the external world to validate us, but seeing it from within, trusting our intuition, going where it says to go, and visualizing the future. Already realized I saw myself in that house. I see myself in that house. I see myself on stage. I’ve had dream over, dream over, dream over dream of huge stadiums audiences filled, coming to hear me speak. And the lesson for me has been this: we’re not worthy by what we do, how we look, who’s with us, who thinks we’re good enough. We’re worthy because we exist because we’re here. We’re all worthy exactly as we are. Not after we’ve gotten more education, after we have more money after our body looked a certain way after someone tells us they love, but for exactly who we are in this moment. You are worthy.

So it’s time to start celebrating that future that’s not even realized yet. Start celebrating it now. Feel it now. See yourself there. Now doing it, being with who you wanna be with, where you wanna be. Feel it. You are worthy of all of it. And it can happen like that. And some of us choose to have our manifestation spread out. Some of us choose to get them in this like windfall. That’s what I like. Just give it all just a huge windfall, thank you. But however you are open to receiving it, knowing that it is coming, you put your order and you’ve requested it is coming. You are worthy of it.

What’s mine will never pass me by. What’s mine will never pass me by. My requests have been heard. My request have been honored. And in the perfect time and in the perfect way, they will be realized.