Online, live group coaching program to help you get what you want with ease and to gain the courage to launch those new dreams!

Do you have an amazing idea for a new program or book to write but aren’t sure why you haven’t started/launched it yet?

Or maybe you’re feeling the desire to relax and enjoy your life more but fear that if you do everything you’ve worked so hard for will go away.

Do you want to scale your business but fear that if you do you’ll feel even more overwhelmed than you do now and have even less time to spend with your friends and family?

Or maybe you’re wanting to move in a completely different direction but fear letting others down if you let go of something that you’ve been doing for many years.

Wherever you are currently, our Abundance Academy will show you what’s standing in the way and together we will release those blocks so that you can live the more joyful, ease filled life you came here to live.

Through our “Declutter Your Life” process in our 6 week, live group coaching program we will let go of unhealthy habits, thoughts and behaviors that are slowing down the manifestations that are wanting to come your way.

Here are some of the results our clients enjoyed as a result of doing this program with us:

Dave Rosenberg manifested the largest paying keynote speaking gig of his career and it was closed during a short, three-minute phone call!

Sarah Karp manifested a dream client who saw the value of her custom wellness coaching and told her she would pay her double for her services!

Wanda Loubriel manifested seeing a real, live peacock, which she later found out was a sign of prosperity. She went on to have a client prepay her $2,200 for a photography collection, which was the exact amount she needed to attend our Abundance Breakthrough Retreat! She is currently focusing on manifesting the funds to join Free to Fly, which she knows she will be doing since she already had a vision of herself with us in Costa Rica!

Chanda Rawlings received a very unexpected cash gift from her brother for helping him out, a bonus, and an unexpected raise at work!

Pauline Duncan manifested a trip around Australia after gaining the courage to sell her home and follow her dream of living beside a beach with her three kids and fur babies, even gaining a new puppy that she had been dreaming of for thirty years!

Lauren Cano manifested remembering the power of her voice and speaking her truth! This is the power of coming together as a community to share our goals and to celebrate each other because we know that when one of us wins, we all win.

The second part of our program is when you will learn how to connect deeper with your own intuition so that you will know the next best steps to take in your career and in your life and will learn how to trust yourself more than ever before. I’m describing this section of my course to be like Hogwartz (from Harry Potter) because you will learn the tools that will help to magically manifest what you’ve been asking for!

Open enrollment begins on June 4th!

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