Episode 23 – Permission to Shift

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Shifting

You know what happens when you are a creative, as you all know, cuz your creatives is that we have a lot of ideas and we have a lot of things that excite us that we see and we wanna try out and there is a, a positive and negative side to this. The positive is that when we follow something that feels and that excites us, it’s most likely that others are going to be drawn to that too. There’s more free energy in it. As my coach says, there’s more play. There’s more fun. There’s more pleasure. When we feel that energy, then others are drawn to that and they wanna sign up. The downside could be, you know, if we shift and change too much, It’s like, we become like a moving target and people can’t find us. it’s like, one minute, you’re this the next minute, you’re this. Then one minute you’re launching this program the next minute. It’s like, they can’t keep up. And when we keep changing, then the market can get confused. People have been following you for a while. They can get confused by that. And maybe they’re saving their pennies to be able to invest in this program. And then suddenly it’s gone like, and they’re like, wait, what, what happened to this program? You’re like, well, now it’s this program.

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Give Yourself Permission to Shift

We’ve evolved beyond who we used to be. So as this new version emerges what we do on a daily basis, what we do in our business, how we show up in our relationships, it has no choice, but to be different now. So when we force ourselves to hold onto what once was, how we used to do things, or this is the way I make money, this is how I show up in a relationship. Then we cut ourselves off from abundance. We cut ourselves off from experiencing the full range of emotions, the full range of joy and pleasure, and excitement and adventure.

I’ve been getting to a place of feeling a little heavy around certain offers that I’ve had or certain programs and giving myself permission to shift, because if it feels heavy for me as the leader, Do you think that’s gonna attract or repel people from shining up for it? Who wants to sign up for something that’s heavy? What I’m realizing is more of my value, more of what I bring to the table, knowing that my presence is my gift and people come for the content. They come for the content, they stay for the community. So, what they’re really coming for is that tribe feeling, the family feeling, the belonging, the being understood, the being heard, the being seen, the feeling of safety that comes when we don’t feel that in our own, our blood family, or we don’t feel that even with some of our friends like we have to show up the way we used to, or that’s what we tell ourselves anyway.

But what it is about really tuning into your energy and giving yourself permission to shift and change your offerings based on where you are now and your evolutionary journey. I know I’ve heard in the business world, you know, that people who were, where you once were, are the ones that are gonna be drawn to you because they have similar past experiences. Maybe they’re going through something. Now you’ve already overcome. As a coach that happens to me all the time. I attract people who have very similar upbringings, very similar trauma, and a similar outlook on life. And they’re drawn to me because they resonate with my vibration. They know that there’s a better way. They feel that other possibilities they feel drawn to me as their guide. And that is because I’ve been through what they’re they’ve been through or I’m going through it now. And that happens to me a lot. 

My one-on-one clients that they tend to come to me with things that I’m currently healing in myself and we heal simultaneously. And as a divine channel, I will ask the questions of the divine and receive the clarity right. Alongside my client simultaneously. And I have to listen back to my recordings from, my calls with my clients, knowing that the messages are for me as well. And when I channel, I don’t remember everything I say, I also talk faster. When we channel the guidance and the wisdom comes through faster than our mouth can move at times. And that happens to me too, which is why I record all my calls with my clients. But we’re helping people who have had things that we’ve been through as well. And those of you who are coaches or who are drawn to start a coaching business too.

I would love to give it to you if you haven’t given it to yourself yet, that permission to shift, permission to show up differently, and that permission to completely start something new.

To let go of what once was that wants to be, released that has served its purpose, that has helped the people it was meant to serve, and to let it go and to let it evolve into something so much more beautiful for where you are now in your journey.

Keep Learning About Yourself

Doing all the things, you know, as an entrepreneur, like wear many hats, but I got to a place of what do I wanna do now? I don’t need to just keep doing things because I’ve always done them in that way. I learned a lot about myself as a leader. I learned a lot about the holes that were in my program based on the feedback I received from people in my program that I asked. And that was scary to do, to have the courage to ask and to be open to receive that feedback and not take it personally, that’s hard to do. You learn a lot about yourself when you host a year-long program. You learn a lot about yourself and, it really is now about what I wanna be doing. How do I wanna show up?