Episode 27 – Time Saving Systems with Leah Remillet

Scale Your Business Without Having to Sacrifice Time With Your Family

I am a hundred percent all in with everything I do. And so I became obsessed with trying to start finding systems, trying them, I learned not all systems are created equal, and not all work. The more complicated a system looks probably the more it’s not effective, they really should be simpler. And so I kept testing and trying, and I was able to cut my hours. I mean, I cut them dramatically. I went from whatever that schedule was. It’s not like I tracked it cause I didn’t wanna know, but you know, some insane amount of 90 to 120 hours a week down to part-time I was working like three, three and a half days a week during normal hours, I was getting eight hours off. I was sort of talking about it, but I was so embarrassed. I didn’t really, and then it was in that, that rooftop and these women started crying and they started admitting like that they were drowning. And I finally got it. I finally realized this is not a me problem. This is a we problem. This is women’s problem.

When you’re trying to balance being a homemaker and a wife, and maybe it’s not a wife, maybe it’s a sister or it’s a daughter or another job that you’re running or we’re trying to manage and balance so many things and we’re secretly overwhelmed, exhausted, and beating ourselves up. And there’s a better way. And so I really just started becoming like, that became my mission. Ultimately it comes down to me, I want to help women have happy and be financially independent and feel financially confident because of their own doing like that’s  I want us to have both.

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Success Is About Having Balance

We can get confused about what should be set and what success should look like, right? Like, is it just money or is it more than that? But when I think about thriving, every area in my life feels good. It doesn’t mean they’re all perfect. And it doesn’t mean they’re all equal, but each area feels good. That’s when I’m truly thriving. And I really do believe that this life is for thriving for every single one of us. We were put here and placed here to experience joy and happiness and fulfillment and purpose and passion and all of these. 

The Time-Saving Systems

I want you to think about there is the law of the harvest. So a farmer understands that there are seasons for different things, right? He knows, or she knows that there is going to be the period of time when it is planting and they’re gonna be all in during that time. But then there’s gonna be the time where they’re just waiting for the growth and they might need to do a little watering or fertilizing or whatever the heck farmers do, but it’s not gonna. It’s not gonna be that, that constant need. And then there’s gonna be the time of harvest. And they know during the time of harvest, like truly from sun up to sun down, they’re gonna be working, but it has brackets around it. Like there is a calendar that says it’s only for the short period of time. 

One of the big shifts for me was this whole hustle mantra. Like this idea of like just hustle, hustle, hustle, no one ever said to us, But for a certain period of time, not definitely. I jumped on the hustle train and I was like, hustle till you die. I mean, that is not sustainable. So I kinda have this like bad, bad taste in my mouth towards the idea of hustle me too, because I think so many people get it wrong. It’s like, I am willing to hustle for a very short and defined period of time. Like, oh, it’s maybe it’s launch time for someone. Great. So for two weeks you’re gonna hustle and I hope you’re gonna like, get a lot of it. Pre-done for yourself just to make life easier, but like, yeah. Okay. You might be hustling for two weeks, but then you’re gonna schedule. Like a whole week of almost nothing afterwards mm-hmm or you’re gonna just rest, you’re gonna regenerate, you know, I think about a cell phone and people will always be, be saying. Like you need to charge up, but think about your cell phone every single night. You’ve gotta plug it back in. And when you’ve got too many things, trying to go in it, when you’re draining it too fast, it’s, it’s not gonna work the way you want it to. And we’re the same way we’ve gotta be plugging back in. So one of the big things is gonna be just a reframing of the mindset around what working hard looks. And recognizing that we really are gonna probably get our most creative ideas and get what we need for the next stage of our growth and our success in the downtime.

Number one, we are making no decisions while you are feeling super emotional. This is a lot of time for a decision. Number two, the very next thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonna look at this giant list and we’re gonna figure out which things we can pin. Hey, those are all pinned. It might only be for a week. It might only be for two weeks. Like, doesn’t mean they don’t have to get done, but they maybe don’t have to get done right now. So we’re gonna look at what we can pin and we’re gonna get down to like, okay, now here’s the two or three things that are actually press. And then start tackling those things. So there’s always the shift first that has to go in our mindset. It has to go with how we’re looking at, at what we believe. Even though from a statement, a bank statement, or on a resume, it looked incredibly successful, it didn’t feel it. So that mindset shift of just getting really clear on like, not just what do you wanna do, but what do you wanna be?

One of the things about your systems is you’re gonna create a system. And then you might need to change it later, right? Like you’re gonna evolve. Things are gonna change. And that’s okay.

We Deserve Downtime

We deserve downtime. I didn’t believe that my value was in my productivity. And therefore downtime was a waste. And that is just not true. We need to retrain ourselves to be present, to be able to be intentional. We’re in a distracted world where we are constantly having things, buying for our attention and trying to distract us. They are pouring millions of dollars into how can I distract her and keep her here instead of doing other. We know that now. So in knowing all of that, we got into some bad habits, but we can get out of them and we can retrain ourselves to be more intentional, more purpose driven more just when you’re there, you’re there. And that’s ultimately what we want. We want our kids to feel that, we want our spouse or our partner to feel that, we want our family to feel that, we want our clients to feel that.