Episode 6 – How to Become a Match to Your Desires

Stop Thinking It’s Hard

Stop thinking that it’s hard. Thinking that it’s hard to make a million dollars, that it’s hard to make a hundred thousand dollars, that it’s hard to manifest love that it’s hard to stay in good shape. Stop thinking that it’s hard. That is just a story that you’re telling yourself that this is hard to do. And there are so many sayings that support this, if it was easy, everyone would do it. Right? So we have these sayings and these things that we were taught around. It needs to be hard. It has to be hard. We have to sacrifice time with our family and loved ones in order to make more money. Is that true? Does that have to be true or is that just the story that you’re telling? Surrender to divine time. 

So I was given the reference of a baby and a baby going through the full cycle. When a mother is pregnant with her baby, she doesn’t want the baby to come out before its the due date. She might think she does because she’s uncomfortable at the end. But she doesn’t want the baby to come out before the baby’s ready. We want the baby to be fully formed, to be healthy, to thrive on its entry into the world. This is the same thing with your manifestations. You don’t want it sooner than it’s been cooked all the way. You don’t want that love too soon because it’ll be someone who’s not aligned with you. You don’t want to really bring all that cash in before you’ve set up your accounts and you have everything ready and you have a team to support you as your business grows. 

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Stop Putting So Much Pressure On Yourself 

Everything is just energy. Everything is an exchange. Stop giving it so much heaviness or weight. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to make it, to bring it in, and allow it to always be there. Think of it as a loyal friend. Who’s always there for you. When one client leaves another right behind them. When one lover leaves another’s right behind them. There’s an abundance of money. There’s an abundance of partners. There’s an abundance of opportunities. One after the next, after the next, after the next I heard somebody say, there’s always another bus coming. So if it’s not this bus, there’s another bus coming. There’s another bus coming.

The Abundant Mindset

The abundant mindset is we don’t need to hold on too tightly to anything because there’s always something more aligned right behind it. Pay attention to the divine counterparts, the synchronicities, the people that are brought into your life, and send them all gratitude. Every single one of them notices all the co-creators with you. All the people that play a part in the creation that is your manifestation. Celebrate it before it even arrives.

We Can Do Things That Are Easy For Us To Do

We can do things that are simple and easy for us to do. I worked in the photography industry for six years. I know and love the photography industry. Speaking to photographers, and speaking people who wanna build a prosperous business is so easy for me. I’ve done it. I started out right away, charging high prices right away for my photography. That looking back, I was like, wow, I did that right out the gate because I decided that this has to work. I left my elementary school teacher position and I said, I’m gonna be home with my kids. I wanna go on photo shoots as I’m able to, with my children’s schedule, I wanna be home when they get off the school bus, I wanna do homework with them. I wanna start dinner. I wanna do all those things and I wanna have a successful business. So in order to do that, I do need to have a high-end business. I do need it to be done in-person sales and all of that. And I did that. And now. I’m a coach. I get to work with other photography business owners and I get to help them have a prosperous business and balance motherhood and all of that as well. So it doesn’t have to be hard. Our mind, and our ego just tries to make it more complicated than it actually is.

Healthy Habit Is Vital

Everything is easier to call in when you’re in a place of strength, mental clarity of wellness, mind, body, and soul paying attention to your nutrition. The foods you’re eating, the water you’re drinking, limiting, or eliminating any kind of substances like alcohol, drugs, anything that alters your mind, anything that makes you feel off-kilter off balance. Let go of it. Also getting yourself outside, getting that sunlight, getting your walks in, getting your exercise, doing yoga, meditation, all of these things that can clean you out and connect you back to your source, where all of the guidance, inspiration, alignment, money, compensation, joy, all of that comes from your connection to the divine and seeing yourself as the divine. And in order to access that part of ourselves, we do need to be as healthy as possible. 

Acknowledge The Beauty Of Life 

The divine is your source of compensation, the money, the clients, the lovers, the opportunities come straight from the divine. We can want to take credit for it. I did this and yes, you played a part in it. You said yes to co-creating, but the blessing came from the divine. So don’t forget to acknowledge. Thank praise. Notice the gifts that come to you. The miracles are very real miracles that can come in an instant. The blessings that come every single day, notice everything in your life that’s going well right now, everything you already have. Everything that you see is beautiful. All the love, all the beautiful client’s opportunities, the money, the love, all of it. Journal it, and talking about it. Letting that be the story you tell people, rather than what’s going wrong, we tend to wanna talk about what’s not going well. This little area is causing me frustration. This is causing me stress. The more we talk about it, the more we focus on it, and the more we draw energy toward it.

All of it is divine. All of it is on purpose. Thank you for all of it. Thank you for the pain. Thank you for the challenges. Thank you for the struggles. Whenever we make a new claim to the universe. We are going to be given those initiations. We’re gonna be sent those opportunities to solidify our claim. The divine never judges. You give yourself grace, give yourself that permission that you give everyone else. Self-compassion practice. Deep self-compassion, deep self-love, acknowledgment praise.